Thursday, February 18, 2010

Breaking the Mold

Much of the talk I'm seeing that is going on about the possible changes made to diagnosing GID in the DSM5(especially in children) are repeatedly expressing how these changes are playing right into the gender boxes of male and female. Implying that there is critically something amiss with male and female, there isnt. The "boxes" that we must dismantle isn't the boxes of male and female but the cage males and females have been shoved, dragged, beaten, shamed and raped into based on DOING rather than BEING!

Thousands of years of male and female roles reinforcing each other with each and every new generation (which may have began innocently enough due to different (different-not better) abilities of the majority for survival) are now believed by most to equal "natural". As in it is natural for women to want to dress in high heels and skirts, it is natural for men to have short hair and always wear pants, it is natural for girls to play with dolls, it is natural for boys to play with toy trucks or guns, natural so much so that whenever one deviates from what is "natural" there MUST be something wrong with THEM and they MUST be FIXED!

And the fact that there is this GID (created by a man who advocated consensual pedophilia no less) illustrates the systematic pathological need of society to utilize its hetero-patriarchal medical machine to "cure" the deviates who deviate under the ruse of "curing" rather than the truth of "normalizing". And the sad part is there are plenty of people who have let themselves be brainwashed into believing there is something wrong with them because they are not "natural" because they deviate and are all too ready willing and able to prove hetero-patriarchal society right by foaming at the fucking mouth on their fucking knees begging and pleading for the hetero-pat-medical machine to stamp and ap/prove them "normal"!

How can we argue that there is nothing wrong with male and female but the cage(roles) that tightly wraps 'round male and female like some gordian knot when there are plenty of people all too willing to prove society correct by adhering to society's male/female prescribed ideas by means of carving themselves up through drugs and body mutilation??

It is time those who naturally deviate or those who are tired of playing at "male and female" collude our efforts to dismantle society's snug cage before we're all of us, are pared into the mold.

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  1. Excellent follow up post!

  2. As I understand the legend of the gordian knot, it was said that the one who could undo it would be the next ruler of the Roman Empire. As I understand it, Alexander the Great solved it simply by taking out his sword and cutting the knot away from the cord.

    Perhaps trying to undo such an intertwined mess is best resolved by the same method. I have found that when I've been met with a dilemma that shouts "It's either this way" or "It's either that way", there's usually at least ANOTHER way that is quicker and to the point.

    What say you? I'm not trying to be sarcastic. I'm just presenting an idea on this.