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Monday, January 4, 2010

Trans Community admits organized attack of Dirt and this blog

The first cap is my response to a several comments from another angry "trans" person admitting that this blog has been singled out for "attacks" from the "trans" community. These "attacks" are deemed justifiable because the "trans" community does not like the things I write about such as: positive Butch role models, Butch femininity, misogyny in all its forms, how misogyny underlines the "trans" disorder, positive Femme role models, Femme/Butch invisibility/a future where femininity and masculinity are stretched far and wide enough to include all women and men so women and men do not develop disorders such as the "trans" disorder and can feel good about the kind of women and men they were born etc.

Sadly this group isnt interested in helping future generations they are much to busy contemplating new chin hairs or balding patterns. Its a shame lesbians had taken the back seat of the gay and lesbian movement for the last 40 years. I feel confident had they (lesbians) been in the drivers seat or at the very least co-driving, lesbians wouldnt be dealing with such a self hating community who has deserted lesbian women and allowed lesbian women to desert themselves.

The last cap is from a nonsensical comment left on one of my youtubes. Notice the discrepancy with which this person juxtaposes "butch" and "girl", as if they are two very different things. Those whose minds view Butch as NOT "girl" are the very same women who are likely to trannify and/or support the trannification of women.

I speak like a woman btw, NOT a "girl" and clearly I'm unmistakably Butch. To be honest I'm the Butch 99% of ftMs wish they could be.

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