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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

National Women's Studies Association Conference

One of two emails I recently received. I'll deal with this one first.
THIS is what is being discussed at a National Women's Study Conf.??? While I deal with Butch invisibility every day I walk out my door, while I deal with regular negative experiences when using a public restroom, even I read this shit and go WTF??? Hello! Its 2010 and women in the US STILL do NOT have an ERA, over a million women a year report being raped, women make only 76 cents to a man's dollar, less if you're a poor minority woman, domestic abuse of women is immeasurable, 1 in 3 collage age women will be raped, 1 in 4 women sexually abused in her life, women are sexually objectified in all media forms, women are conditioned to adhere to those patriarchal media forms to perform for the male gaze if they are to have any worth, through trying to adhere to media forms women are developing multitudes of disorders related to body dysphoria when they cannot measure up to plastic female images created solely for the pleasure of mens penis's.

I could go on all night as any woman knows, but apparently the real issues affecting the majority of women, have no bearing when men posing as women are running the show. Like your average run of the mill man in the street, THEIR problems MUST come first! MAN MAN MAN = ME ME ME And from the looks of things women are letting them by even entertaining their special agenda's as a WOMENS event! This is yet another tactic for men to gain legal entrance into women's most private spaces.This also hurts actual women like Butches who due to invisibility issues have to deal with crap when using those same womens spaces despite actually being women. But for all the crap, as a woman I understand why women freak when seeing a woman like me in the bathroom. Not being exposed to Butches in general most women do not look too close, so quickly make a leap to male, and their very next thought is rape. I as a Butch understand this, and deal with it for the sake of women, for my love and care for women. Like every female alive, women KNOW from a few years of age they are susceptible to rape. It is something on some level with all women all the time in all places. I wont get into what this says about men and the patriarchal systems currently in place.

Men posing as women? Rape is the last thing on their minds, because they grew up being potential raper's rather than potential rape victims. This doesnt change because their penis and nutsack has been stitched inside their body cavity. So when issues like womens private spaces comes up, Mtf men have no idea what womens fears really are about, and through their male privilege could give a shit about. You dont see any topics regarding how to deal with womens rape fears when seeing a non traditional appearing female in the rest room on that list did ya? Neither did I!

If Mtf's truly believe they're are women, they would use their first hand knowledge of men to fight for changes in how women are treated by men so when a 6'4" Mtf in a cheap skirt and heelz enters the ladies we wouldnt worry about being raped!




  1. Dirt,

    A number of my MtF friends have been raped. It is one of the major risks they face.

  2. A tiny portion of the male pop have been raped, as a group they are not conditioned since birth that they must worry about rape and be fearful when men or perceived men enter into womens private spaces. I seriously doubt when a woman accidentally walks into the mens room, men immediately feel threatened do you?

    Simply because men get raped in no way should give men a free pass into the ladies room. But how misogynistic of you to imply that.

    I'm curious, what number of Mtf "friends" of urs has been raped compared to the number of Mtf men "friends" who has raped?

    Also what are your Mtf "friends" doing that puts them at this "major risk" area?

    As well as how many of those Mtf "friends" who have been "raped" are homosexual men and how many hetero?


    ps so much for "cease and desist".

  3. Dirt,

    I don't know everyone equally well. I know two of them well enough to know that they have been raped, and they have definitely never raped anyone. One is lesbian-identified. I know others who have never been raped and never raped. I am reasonably confident that few, if any, of the others have ever done that.

    I didn't bring this up in connection with womyn's spaces; your original post did. I do think, however, that these people have the right to safe spaces for the same reasons that other womyn have the right to safe spaces. Of course, you can debate whether these should be the same spaces.

    From what I have read, being trans is already a major risk area. One had never been sexually active. Nobody deserves to get raped.

  4. "Lesbian ID'd", you mean STRAIGHT MALE!

    I dont recall ever writing anywhere that people of either sex "deserve" to get raped.

    Grown men regardless of dress and looks should be able to use the men's room without indecent, but until those men in womens garb start accessing those spaces nothing is going to change is it?

    As you well know Butches were actively taken off the streets by the police in harassed/raped because they werent wearing at least three articles of "womens" clothing 50 years ago. Butches regardless of the threat and danger to themselves STILL persisted in wearing pants and the like till society caught up to them!

    And what does any of this have to do with men's issues over running a national WOMENS conference?????


  5. It makes me sad that this is what is being discussed at a women's conference. That they apparently couldn't think of any issue more important than born men's issues.

  6. A teacher threatened to kick me out of a WS class if I didn't stop referring to Kate Bornstein a.k.a. Albert Herman as "he" and our dysphoric lesbian TA as "she".

  7. Rachel,

    Its utter bullshit that you would be threatened with being removed from a WOMENS STUDIES class for living and expressing REALITY, instead of "trans reality" which only exist in the minds of the disordered and the truly ignorant.


    ps thanks for the add at

  8. Rachel,
    You should always refer to individuals by their proper names and pronouns. Just because you are uncomfortable with them being transgender or transexuls.

    And to Dirt,
    Yes, society is definitely centered around the male and that women are more prone to getting rape. But that doesn't mean that everyman is raised to rape. Personally I was never raised as a male pig as some of us males are. But we all have to remember that not all males are chauvinistic pigs. And yes these MtFs deserve a safe place and yes these MtFs are female so they do belong in these women safe zones.
    Dirt, I believe you need to stop seeing gender as a binary and start looking at it as a spectrum. There are many gender's in this world, gender is socially constructed if we break down the social construction of gender that will help a lot with dismantling the patriarchy.

  9. First, Rachel did use the proper pronouns. Unlike the disordered and those ignorant enough to by into the unreality of the disordered, Rachel (like myself) lives in REALITY.

    Second, all men are raise with male privilege, that doesnt go away because a guy throws on a dress and shaves his legs!

    Third, NO man belongs in womens private spaces. If a man want to use the john, he can use the men's room, THATS what they're for!


  10. you did not use proper pronouns and you live in a reality filled with hate and ignorance. Have you ever known someone who is transgender? They are nothing like you say they are.

    I'm not denying male privilege, but male privilege does not include raping women. Not all males are raised that way like I said. I was never raised to think of women as objects or less than me because of what they have between the lets. I have also been raised to know that what's between the legs does not define a person. Again gender is socially constructed. Gender is this giant spectrum, there are more than two genders.

    And the fact that you are saying that these MtF should use the men's bathroom is horrible. Do you know how much danger that puts them in. They have a chance of being raped as well. MtF and FtMs face so much discrimination when it comes to bathrooms. Suggesting that is really dangerous and really ignorant.

  11. Clearly you are quite unbalanced and quite ignorant to your own conditioning's. Especially implying you were raise in a vacuum.

    And as a Butch lesbian, I'm well versed in bathroom harassment. Why just last week I was yanked out of the ladies by a male security guard, so spare me the fucking wahmbulance act.

    Until men and women who do not fit the patriarchal criteria of what a male and female SHOULD look like become visible by MAKING themselves visible nothing is going to change.

    Adhering to that criteria via a mental disorder changes nothing. It merely reinforces patriarchal standards.


  12. Um excuse me i think you're ignorant about how i was conditioned you have no idea how my mother raised me.

    Alright here is a little lesson for you gender is a giant spectrum. There are not just two different genders. Many Native American tribes have what are called two spirits they are basically like transgender they fulfill more than one gender role. So question are you saying that all transgender people have mental disorders? Because if you look around the world there are up to 10 genders in some societies. You have to remember like i've said in both my posts in America and most modern cultures we have socially constructed gender.
    Gender is not the same as Sex. There is a definite difference.

    Yes bathrooms are scary for everyone who do not fit into what the american society thinks that their certain gender should dress like. I think it's stupid that society has these expectations, these segregation based on gender.

    Again, there is more than one gender, there are so many that i can't count on my fingers and toes.

  13. Ah blame your mother, how fucking original! I supposed she raised you in a closet when you never heard/seen/spoke to any other person alive, never read a newspaper, never seen a tv program, never went to school, never left the closet...yeah I really believe that

    Having a Butch NA friend I can tell you their beliefs are NOTHING like "trans" anything and she/they would be the first to tell you! Nice way though to co-opt NA culture with your white fucking privilege! Sick how even when its nailed fucking down there STILL isnt anything the "trans" disordered wont co-opt in order to justify their illness!

    Gender btw consists of male and female, its REAL simple.


  14. Anonymous,

    Perhaps if Dirt should distinguish sex from gender, you should distinguish transsexualism from transgenderism. At the very least transsexuals have body issues which not all transgenders have.

    I do think we should get rid of gender roles, but that doesn't mean we should get rid of women's spaces, or invite men and transgenders. Most so-called transgenders are heterosexual male cross-dressers who have no desire to become women. Most so-called transgenders don't even escape from against gender norms. It is a bunch of straight men running that movement, and using Ft Constructed Ms, Mt Constructed Fs, and other people taking sex hormones, to legitimize themselves.

  15. Seriously what did I blame on my mother? if anything i am saying that my mother raised me right she told me to ignore what I saw on TV and on the newspaper. My mother was an outstanding women, she defied gender norms she taught me a lot of things about how people are more then their sex or gender.
    And no i am not just singling out Native American cultures. What sucks is that the white colonist pushed their ideas of gender roles on the Native Americans. Most Native American cultures were not based on the gender binary. If you would like to read more about that read the book "Conquest" Native Americans are just one of the many cultures who have more then one gender. I was using them as an example if you want more I can give you more. Do some research on some Indonesian cultures.
    And why you're researching that stuff why don't you research social constructionism and see how gender is how society perceives it.

  16. I'm the one fucked up you're the one saying that transgender individuals should use the wrong bathroom even though they have a chance of being raped and killed. You're saying that these human beings are wrong that who they are is not real. Your argument to everything is that a person is a misogynist it seems by your definition that the only feminist and non misogynists out there are the Lesbians that follow the "butch" "femme" role. I guess a lot of people out there are anti-women according to you. I hate to tell you this but there are a lot more feminist out their then your "butch" "femme" friends. THere are trans feminist their are male feminist, gay feminist, straight feminist of all genders. If you open your eyes maybe you will see that. I am friends with a lot of Lesbian feminists and showed them your blog and they said that this is where feminism gets it's bad name.
    Feminist aren't out their to attack people like you are. Feminism out there to try it's best to make equality of all genders possible.

  17. Yeah, your mother's "outstanding", out standing on the corner trying to raise money for your needless operations!


  18. What gives, ur shrink call in sick today? Take another faux hormone shot, its really working for


  19. I like how you delete the comment of you attacking me and calling me "fucked up" What hormones are you talking about, i'm a bio male.
    I'm just tired of seeing you tell people that transgender individuals are less than human. Telling people that they are using their male privilege and yes males have it and yes it is used but it isn't always used on purpose. Not all men use their privilege to put women down, i'm not denying that there are some that do.
    But then you say that i'm using my white privilege well guess what you have it too. And you use it whether you know it are not. So you're not as much of an minority as you think you are.

  20. That comment was "deleted" because the other was preferred, what is ur point?

    And where do I deny my white privilege? Being aware of it helps diminish its capacity. Again whats ur point?

    You are a prime example of what this post was about, men taking and wasting women's time with bullshit.

    You will no receive anymore of my woman's energy. Good luck with your denial and disorder.


  21. Rachel,
    You should always refer to individuals by their proper names and pronouns.

    I did use the proper pronouns. The teacher tried to argue that everyone had the right to be addressed as they wished, yet refused my request to be referred to as Her Royal Highness. She initially agreed to call me Hello Kitty, but later retracted when I added that I'd be speaking in meows from then on, since I was trans-specied.

    Just because you are uncomfortable with them being transgender or transexuls.

    I'm no more uncomfortable around them than any other mentally ill person, which I happen to be myself. In fact, I'm in the process of applying for disability due to mental illness. I know what it's like to hate your body. I survived 10 years of Bulimia Nervosa and currently suffer from Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Yet you don't see any psychiatrists trying to treat me with plastic surgery or diet pills, because that would be unethical and wouldn't address the root cause of my disorders.

    Yes, society is definitely centered around the male and that women are more prone to getting rape. But that doesn't mean that everyman is raised to rape.

    Your homework for tonight is chapter one of "Against Our Will: Men, Women, and Rape" by Susan Brownmiller. You can borrow my copy.

    But we all have to remember that not all males are chauvinistic pigs.

    We also have to remember that at least 99% ARE.

    gender is socially constructed if we break down the social construction of gender that will help a lot with dismantling the patriarchy.

    You've got it backwards. We must destroy patriarchy in order to dismantle the social system of gender. And playing dress-up ain't gonna do it.

    There's obviously some confusion over sex vs. gender here. Let the OED elucidate:

    USAGE The word gender...has also been used since the 14th century in the sense ‘the state of being male or female,’ but this did not become a common standard use until the mid 20th century. Although the words gender and sex both have the sense ‘the state of being male or female,’ they are typically used in slightly different ways: sex tends to refer to biological differences, while gender tends to refer to cultural or social ones.

    In other words, male and female are sexes; man and woman are genders. Gender is a caste system based on sex. If you are not born female (biological component), then you are not raised as a woman (social component). Getting cosmetic surgery and taking hormones in adulthood does not alter this equation.

    I am friends with a lot of Lesbian feminists and showed them your blog and they said that this is where feminism gets it's bad name.

    Assuming these friends aren't imaginary, I'll bet my left tit they don't know what lesbian feminism is.

    Feminism out there to try it's best to make equality of all genders possible.

    That is liberalism, not feminism. Your next homework assignment will be "Feminism Unmodified" by Catharine MacKinnon. Again, you can borrow my copy if necessary.

    P.S. to Dirt: You're welcome for the add. :-)

  22. Dirt,

    While the idea and ideals of feminism are awesome, the organizations calling themselves feminist have nearly always been NOT. For example, it was so-called "feminism" that told me in the late 70s / early 80s that I was a "sellout" for being butch. And it was 60s "feminism" with all its classism that crapped on my feminist working class mother because she didn't have a college education. 90's "feminism" copulated with psychiatry and birthed the monster "gender theory" we're all being dumped on by even now. And so on.

    That academic and other organizations of "feminists" should continue crapping on real-world females for their own mental masturbation is no surprise to me. And it's why I don't give money to local or national "feminist" groups or organizations, or join their membership roles. Trying to find a true women-supporting "feminist" in such conferences and such is like trying to find a true supporter of real people in the White House.

  23. Why don't you submit an abstract re: Butch invisibility? Mainstream culture considers Butch women to be "gender non-conforming individuals" since they don't fit into mainstream patriarchal expectations of what women should be. I'd be curious to see how they'd react to such an abstract.

  24. Yawn at anonymous with all the same trannie discussion (more like silencing, actually) tactics that have been used again and again. Trying to paint disagreement and honest criticism as ignorance and hate speech, check. No understanding whatsoever of patriarchal conditioning and male privilege, check. Whining about "mtfs" being at risk for rape and murder by men while simultaneously ignoring the far greater risk of rape and murder of women by men, check. Talking about gender being socially constructed one minute, and gender being who people "really are" the next, check. Appropriation of lesbianism, check.

    All this talk of how much danger "mtfs" face makes me wonder: If we subtract all of the "mtfs" who became victims of violence as prostitutes, then subtract all of the ones who were attacked because they lied about their sex to get into a relationship with a straight male who subsequently went berserk, how many actual "mtfs" would there be who were raped or murdered because "being trans is already a major risk area"? Violence is common in prostitution, and plenty of men who attack "mtfs,"
    recognizing them as men, are motivated by homophobia or plain old-fashioned anger over feeling misled, not transphobia.

  25. I've been offline and missed most of this, and the importaNt things have been said, but i had to add:
    "Rachel, you ROCK!"
    I love your "your royal highness" preferred pronoun and I've been known to use a similar metaphor myself. I'm actually queen of england, i was just born in the wrong body. i need cosmetic surgery to remove my debt and reconstruct my rightful ass, seated on the throne!
    good stuff said by so many to the lazy man who claims to be a woman and yet thinks "some" men are not "chauvinist pigs"! Geez, i'm the one straight girl here so I'll say it, the ones who think they're "enlightened" are the worst ones! I love men, but I still need to smarten them up regularly, and if i had the real power i deserve, ther'd be a lot more smartening up happening a lot faster with a lot less ass-kissing! Hell, i once hit my dear grandfather in the head with a frying pan for being outta line! EVERY MAN IS A WOMAN-BASHING PIG. period, end of sentence. I hope like hell my sweet little boy grows up better than most, but when he gets older, he'll be a product of his society too and will probably have to be constantly coached so as to avoid the back end of my frying pan.

    I wish we had versions of the feminist books you mentioned written for the 8yr old boy crowd, I'd get him, and probably my husband their own copy so they wouldn't have to borrow Rachel's!


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