Saturday, January 2, 2010

More Trans Hate/Attacking of the Dirtsters Blog

Interesting Jackie, you reiterate here there and everywhere I'm doing nothing wrong (which I'm not) then in the same breath "report her" "report her" "report her". The only hate here is from the "trans" community whose fragile faux identities cannot handle what they already know.

More "trans" slanderings, hated, attacks all in order to silence the truth. Revealing the truth about this disorder isnt "hate", it is giving a true, clear picture of how the "trans" disorder comes about and is followed through on with the help of the patriarchal medical establishment whose ideas/theories/practices are steeped in misogyny and how that affects "treatment" for this disorder. I didnt put this disorder in the DSM, if you have a problem with me or anyone using the proper terminology I suggest you deal with the AMA. Funny though how when it came to uniting to get trannyism taken off the DSM next year the "trans" community voted a resounding NO because if it is taken off the DSM the "trans" disordered worried medical insurances would no longer cover the lifetime use of drugs to keep up the cosmetic appearance of their chosen ID....hmmm




  1. Groups that attack a specific individual, like this group does, violate the Facebook terms of service. Dirt, since you aren't doing anything unethical OR illegal, there is NOTHING for them to report you for. However, they ARE reportable and can be removed. It's very easy to report a Facebook group, at the bottom of the main page, on the left, there is a link that says "Report this group". click it and a dialogue box drops down asking how it violates the terms of service. You can select "attacks myself or a friend" and then let them know where the group does this. I chose the option Wall Posts but there are other options which would work since the entire content of the group is to promote harassment of Dirt. Go ahead Y'all, it only takes 30 seconds to stick up for Dirt!

  2. Thanks for this information Cass. I have reported this group for organized hate.


  3. Yep, I did so. Too bad we can't 'all get along'! Sheesh!
    Such a mob mentality!

  4. Unfortunately MA, You can't "get along" when you are attempting to appropriate the experience of a group you don't belong to and the group members stand up and say "hey! you are NOT one of us!"