Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lookie Dirt has admirer

From a man who recently tried to "friend" me at FB.

A picture perfect example of your run of the mill Mtf. Straight, white, married, middle aged and completely ignorant regarding women and lesbians. What ignorant assumptions!

These Mtf's make up the majority of men who seek trannification. While it is impossible due to the pathological lying of all "trans" people, based on many many years of occupying "trans" spaces of all kinds I wager they number somewhere in the high 90 percentile with gay men comprising the other few percent.

These are the men who think because they rub their cocks while wearing clothes patriarchy deems female, they can simply default to a "lesbian" status after they have taken their fetish as far as they can through trannification. These are also the men who are legally fighting to have the legal right (regardless of what stage of trannification-not that it matters really) to enter freely into womens bathrooms, womens locker rooms, showers, dressing areas etc.

These are not the tiny percent of queenish gay men who through pathological homophobia convinced themselves they are "women trapped in mens bodies" in order to escape their internalized homophobia. These men never felt and never feel "trapped in the wrong body". These men (men btw running the "trans machine") developed a fetish through the familial while pre-teen usually, then combined with misogyny/male privilege later convince themselves they are "true transsexuals"(as if there were such a thing). The pathology behind these men is not in BEING women, but in OWNING women. They seek through self creation to create a "female" image they can control and sexually ab/use whenever they feel the need. And as in the example here, note the "female" image is the image patriarchy deems "female/feminine". An image for the male gaze strictly for masturbatory purposes, these men are both at once gazed and gazer.

Interestingly between having their cocks mutilated into a monstrosity that no/longer properly functions and years of being on faux cancer causing female hormones, many will begin taking synthetic male hormones because they cannot get aroused in order to enjoy the rape fantasies of the "female" self they went all out to create! But even that in no way measures up to the fantasy, because of the extreme pain involved in penetrating the body cavity their testes descended from. This penetration is on going, like the faux cancer causing female hormones for the rest of their lives or else their cavity will close up like the wound their male body understands it to be, this is call "dilation". (a graphic pic of a mutilated penis/scrotum that doesnt even resemble an actually pussy-dont get me started on the weird/scary pubes in that pic or the hole being in the wrong spot!)

The short of it, (pun intended) is straight white middle/upper middle class married men are the majority of (trans)men seeking legal recourse (right now) to get into women's (girls) most intimate private places by defaulting to a "female" status. An illegitimate status PAID for with MONEY, NOT in actually BEING women. In typical male fashion these men believe "woman" is something for sale, something a man can purchase, something a man can own, in effect a "whore". These men believe there is nothing more to "woman" than a cosmetic hole and a good pair of heelz.

Janet Frame ends her short story Snowman Snowman with these observations made by the snowman about man based on himself: "man is indeed simplicity, coal, brass, cloth, wood-I never dreamed"...



  1. great, just what you always wanted. a boyfriend!

  2. yeah, i was going to go into the particulars but the list was too long. what a maroon.

  3. The fact that straight men think they can don a dress and pick up a lesbian goes to illustrate men STILL cannot grasp there is such a thing as a LESBIAN. We dont date men, we dont fuck men, we dont want men on any romantic level!


  4. Ugh! These are the kind of people who "support" Gay people because they think we're just as much perverts as they are. Disgusting. Reminds me of a straight man (who knew I'm a lesbian) I worked with years ago who was pleased to tell me how he and his wife had gone to watch Gay male strippers over the weekend. "You should have come! You would have loved it!?", he said. "Why would I have liked it?" I asked. He looked confused and bothered and said, "Because it was Gay." Meaning, because it was a perverted kinky thing to him, and he saw us all as just other perverted kink-os, why wouldn't I be into being disgusting like he was? Later he got mad when I told him I'm lesbian but not a pervert, and I wasn't interested in his pervert stuff. THEN suddenly he was no longer supportive of Gay/Lesbian rights. Pervert AND a jerk. Lovely.

  5. Uh, we're Dykes, we get off on WOMEN'S bodies, not men..yeah, I agree....they just want to infiltrate all our Dyke spaces, and never give us the respect, cuz of their heavy male socialization and sexism, they want to treat us just like they treated their hetero wives and girlfriends, and cuz we're DYKES we don't go for that shit, and then they wonder how they pissed us off so bad. With yer sexism dude, yer sexism, no matter how 'feminine' they dress, they still got the ugly faces and most NEVER pass as female. Even if they do to a large degree their assumption of male privilege and male brain will eventually reveal them! We're not a sex object for ANY male, whether he be a past, present or future male!

    Ewww....Dirt....I know how you feel, I've had that happen too..and just walked away from them giving as little energy as possible. I feel the sorriest for their wives who now have to take all the responsibility, were married to a man and now have to take care of him on another level! It's the Maybelline version of 'womanhood'. Artifical, false, not real. THEY JUST DON'T GET IT! But only true dykes do....and the poor women who have to live with them....


  6. On first glance at you, I'd say: dyke. On first glance at that dude, I'd say: you're not fooling anyone.

  7. Ugh, this reminds me of when I first started reading Shelia Jeffries and she was talking about t(y)rannies not actually wanting to be womyn but just mutiliated and masochistic men again hellbent on domination anything that isn't an XY.

    "The fact that straight men think they can don a dress and pick up a lesbian goes to illustrate men STILL cannot grasp there is such a thing as a LESBIAN. We dont date men, we dont fuck men, we dont want men on any romantic level! "

    ahhh what part of that is so difficult to understand really?!

  8. Her story does seem messed-up. Butch is not FtM; if she can't tell the difference, she needs to think about who she is instead of speculating about who anyone else is.

    I flinch at the claim of male privilege, and the accusation of intrusion.

    It hits hard. It remains possible. Privilege is privilege, whether I can see it or not, whether I ever wanted it or not, and whether it hurt me more than it ever helped me, or not. I think it's easier to see privilege from the other side: the catch-22s, the exclusion, the marginalization that all of us face in patriarchy. And the attempts to take over or take away all the spaces we create for ourselves. I suppose trans-inclusion must look like one more way that men take over women's spaces. For the record, I have never been rich; I have never been a cross-dresser; I have never been married.

    I remember trying to be a male ally, and I just didn't understand. Things that are life-or-death now seemed like distractions back then. I read essays on the dangers of poisonous cosmetics, and figured women could and should just stop wearing such things. Of course some women use these to express themselves. Other women have to accept these as job requirements. It's important to overthrow patriarchal beauty standards, but it's not the same challenge, and doesn't allow the same solutions, as I had thought.

    I first came here because of your discussion of what it is to be butch, and to grow up butch. I feel like the therapeutic establishment - gender therapists, transgender groups, and so on - keeps trying to force me to act femme. I'm not a femme, I'm not a butch, but I'm certainly not a man either. Living as a woman means that, for the first time since childhood, I feel like myself.

    Gender was different in childhood. I have to agree with MasterAmazon's suggestion, somewhere, that children should be allowed to grow up as they please; they shouldn't be pushed into male or female roles. Perhaps roughly equal numbers of girls would grow up butch and femme, and others would grow up in-between. I think transsexualism is biologically based, and without patriarchy, and without rigid gender roles, the same number would grow up transsexual. But we still face patriarchy; we can't see yet.

    I definitely experienced gender in different ways in childhood than in adolescence and adulthood. It was more important whether someone played with the boys or played with the girls in childhood, and started becoming more important whether someone was physically like the boys or like the girls in adolescence. I think most children have more freedom to enjoy both boy things and girl things in childhood than in later life, although I do remember some moments where the girls or the boys would exclude me; it happened about equally often either way. So although I can remember many specific moments of wanting to be a girl, I can remember more where gender just didn't matter. In the years before adolescence that changed. I was scared of what was going to happen to my body, and wanted to find some way to take another course. Also, I was beaten up even more often. And then came puberty, and that was hell.

    I was definitely exposed to misogyny in my adolescence and adulthood. I probably picked up some degree of misogyny as well as some degree of misandry. Men will say terrible things about women. Men will suggest that women are good for only one thing, which is heterosex. I am not interested in men, but that idea still gives me nightmares. Men will say many things which claim that being female is a shame, and wanting to be female is a deeper shame. I fought back by embracing a variety of feminist perspectives, but once one of these doubts takes root, it's almost impossible to pull it up.

  9. (continuation of last comment)

    Misogyny is a real problem among MtF trans folk. I just don't think it's the cause of my condition, or most trans folk's conditions. I think that identifying with women makes people more vulnerable to nasty innuendo about women, not to mention nasty innuendo about trans folk.

  10. You know for a long time I was told that I HAVE to accept FTM and MTF to be butch. And I wondered if I was being discriminatory about not wanting to be lumped into the same crowd. I don't want FTM's in my space, I don't want to be told that FTM's belong in the same group. I don't wish anyone harm but we are not the same.
    I don't find we are on common ground. I was actually banned permently from a BF site for my views about the subject.
    I don't want to be a guy and I have no problems with my body being all female. Do I have male tendencies, yes. Am I male, Hell no! I don't want to be male either. And this push towards FTM's wanting me to date thanks. Not my thing. Me personally, not my thing. I love women and everything about them. I love femmes. Always have, always will. I am a long haired butch but I am also American Indian. I have always had long hair.
    I just happened on this blog site and I have to say its nice to hear what I have been feeling all along.
    Here in SoCal I am a minority. I do feel isolated and pushed to be a "socially" acceptable lesbian or "gender Queer" etc... I'm just a lesbian, a butch, a dyke.
    And the blog about femme invisibility are screaming volumes. Its easy for me, the hate is upfront and I never get questioned about how "Lesbian" I am or have to guess if I am being dissed. Femme's, especially those who are into butches, have a much harder row to hoe. My ex was always asked if she really just wanted to be with a guy because I was butch. Her answer, when I take off her clothes...she's all woman..can a guy do that?
    Bles the femmes, and bless femmes who love butches.
    This blog rocks.