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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Howz about a Dirt ftM Test? Shall I?

Seriously short on time as I'm heading out to a skating rink date, so I'll make this quick like. Seeing how I've had multiple comments about how "difficult" it is for women to gain access to "T" and "surgery" I was thinking  I'd try a little experiment. How about I see myself just how "difficult" and "lengthy" it takes and post results here eh? I bet I could get a "T" script in week and book "surgery" as soon as something was available if I said I had the loot. What do you think? If I'm right and I document this (which I will) I can present it to the medical complaints boards. Let me check it out then perhaps we could put something together for other radical lesbian feminist to follow suit in other states. Maybe we can seriously begin putting and end to the slaughter of mentally ill women, at least in this respect. Let me know what you think, either here or email.





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  1. I suspect that, even though being butch has nothing to do with being FtM, they will give it more quickly and more easily to a butch than to a femme.

    Heck, I think they will give it more quickly to a butch than to a feminine FtM.

  2. One more idea:

    If you can pass for male or have female friends who can pass for male and are up for it, why not an MtF test too?

  3. Some of it depends on the area and doctor, I hear. One woman told me that she was in the hospital for suicide watch -- NOT for anything else -- and the doctor assigned to her just wrote her a testosterone prescription, even though she didn't ask for it and didn't even imagine she "needed" it. Still, she decided to try it and went on a rage she got addicted to, and then had ANOTHER thing she had to get over...
    Others I've heard having to go through some therapy and such, but never more than a few months.

  4. Re the second idea: that would be a hoot!


  5. It took me six months to get hormone prescriptions, transitioning MtF. My therapist was always pressuring me to femme up.

    Just for reference/comparison.

  6. As far as m2f goes, it is DEAD easy to get any part of transition if you have enough money. just goes to show you, if you are rich you can possess or at least claim to possess anything you want, including women's souls, bodies, spaces, lives.

    I understand why you, dirt are more concerned with m2fs but i have to tell you, I believe that they m2fs are WAY more of a threat!

  7. I don't understand what you're tryign to accomplish, please explain.


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