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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dirt's 6th Weekend Women's Day of Remembrance

Soon to be ftMISGOYNIST

Here are a couple of your typical females who wind up with the "trans" disorder; the girlish dyke. These currently make up the majority of females who "transition", although that seems to be changing with a huge spike in young straight girls, in part due to lack of feminist role models and availability through "transition" to escape the stunting female roles these girls seek to dodge.

Given that the "trans" disorder is bathed in mythomania even in "trans" communities truth rarely sees the light of day. What these girlish dykes dont find in all the "trans" literature about "changes" is the mental changes the "T" drug has on the female brain and on their lesbian sexuality. They will NOT remain the same person they are before "T", they will however become someone they do not know, nor their loved ones know. And a high percentage of dykes who "transition" will see a change in their sexuality, from a sole attraction to women to a prime attraction to men, usually settling for relationships with other "transmen" because men will not date them. A similar sexuality change occurs with straight women who transition going from male attraction to female attraction. Any way you juice it and slice it, these women are being murdered from within and without by a sick woman hating medical establishment/society more interested in profiting from keeping women like this on the drugs they will require to keep their natural female body at bay.





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  1. Acne and a hairy ass? No thanks.

  2. Part of the reason so many of these women end up dating each other. Not as though any true lesbian is going to date a drugged, mutilated hairy woman who appears neither legitimately male or totally female after a certain point.


  3. Cassundra,

    I accidentally rejected your comment, when you get a moment could you please resend? Sorry.


  4. They become people completely different from their original selves. Thanks for telling this stuff.

  5. oopsy! no offense taken :) I'll see if I can reconstitute it later. my toddler is trying to eat my mouse right now.

  6. What always makes me crazy is that then after their sexual orientation appears to change, then they write gender theory about how *all* sexual orientation is "fluid".

    That's like people taking LSD and then writing academic tomes proclaiming that hallucination is the normal, healthy state of the human brain, and that everyone should be hallucinating.

  7. Damn, once again I so agree with both Nat and Dirt! I've SEEN IT firsthand, and it used to be before there was an FTM community, those dykes that really felt they were dudes went and quietly transitioned to male, entered hetero society with generally an extremely feminine girlfriend, so 'passed' as a heterosexual couple. With changes on licenses and such, they then would be able to marry. This at least I can respect, even it still disturbs me to see a handsome Butch I may have had a crush on or known, decide to become a dude..

    The brave new world of transition, started maybe 10-15 years ago, many of the Dykes transitioning began more and more identifying with gay males and then they began doing or being done by gay males, dykes, femmes, other Butches, and yes, FTM's.

    Nowadays, it's almost like when they transition 'anything goes', no boundaries whatsoever, and don't DARE rope them in. There will be those mostly into femmes, then those into other Butches/FTM's and then those who want to take it one step further since they're now in serious worship of their newly acquired 'manhood' and begin dating gay males too. This also represents great sexual risk to the Dyke community, either to femmes or butches who may have sex with said FTM who is ALSO having sex with gay or bi men, the highest risk group. This could be a vector, with all the queering and genderqueering, that makes us Dykes, us Lesbos who are the lowest risk group for STD's and A.I.D.S a much higher risk group, than say, even hetero women!

    All in all it's so entirely confusing that I really want no part of the insanity whatsoever. MY sexual boundaries ARE IMPORTANT, I'M a DYKE period. I'm not 'sexually fluid'. I don't just 'fall in love with the person', I'm NOT 'pansexual', or any of the common euphemisms being used these days to state 'no sexual boundaries, and you shouldn't have them either!' I'm a Dyke, out loud and proud, PERIOD! No man's land, whether past, present or future male!


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