Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dirt's 5th Weekend Women's Day of Remembrance

Stop the torture and mutilation of women by the patriarchal medical establishment!



  1. How is that poor woman ever going to be able to urinate?


  2. The sad this Mary, a high percentage of "bottom surgery" results in the thing rotting off. Keep in mind the skin used to form that monstrosity is skin graphs from the arms/legs of the person going through this. Huge scars there as well.


  3. Dear Heavens!
    that is horrific! As a straight woman i gotta say, that ain't gonna fool no-one. I sure as hell wouldn't let that Frankendick anywhere near my Holy Grail. yickers :p

  4. Damn, Dirt, you're SO graphic! But I'm glad you put the smiley faces're protecting yourself by not exposing any one individual.

    You're exposing EXACTLY what's being done in the name of trans rights and the surgeries one's very frightening what these young women are putting themselves through before they really know who they are deep down.

    I didn't know that many of those flesh 'penises' get necrotic...but I do know that the many FTM types I've known in the community in passing WON'T get the bottom surgery because it's expensive and it's maiming and painful and doesn't work in any way like a bio-male's would. As you so reminds me of the FGM pictures you showed...though this is an expensive choice, rather than enforced like FGM is. But yet, it STILL is mutilation. All in the name of an artificial 'manhood'?
    -My two cents,

  5. Mary Daly died this week and the first I read about it was on a "feminist" blog where they had to include that Daly was "transphobic." An absolutely phenomenal philosopher and feminist who changed our world forever has to be called out by other women because of this trans crap. Daly was an out and proud radical butch dyke. So f'ed up.

    It was only knowing that Dirt is carrying on this work that I didn't get completely miserable and depressed at the state of things for butch women these days.

    Dirt is doing the heavy lifting right now and I'm grateful. There will come a day when this will swing in our direction. In the meantime, I'm ever grateful to Dirt.