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Monday, January 18, 2010

Butch Skin

You tell me " your skin" when I ask whats your favourite part on a Butch, because "it covers every inch, nook and cranny, both seen and unseen, clothed and unclothed" you reply. Because there is "nothing more beautiful, and surely nothing softer than stroking a hard Butch jawline covered in baby soft skin" you continue, as you trace my own jawline with your hand gloved in silk skin, followed by kisses from your velvety lips. "Definitely skin" you laugh as you smooth your hand down the softness of my neck and throat. "Skin" I say, "whats the big deal"?

You stop trying to seduce me for a moment and as we're lying side by side facing each other, you look at me very seriously, seriously enough I pull you closer than you already are. I feel suddenly like I need to protect you. You say "you wouldnt understand". "You were never force fed males for breakfast, lunch and dinner the way us Femmes were". "None were ever put upon your plate where you were expected to eat them along with the potato's and carrots till you were over full". "You didnt have to stomach their course skin, rough shaved faces, strange smells which together formed an ugliness that more than once made you feel as though you would throw-up". "I'm sorry" I say and kiss your forehead.

"You weren't there" you go on. "Thats the Femme tragedy of your Butch invisibility" you say. "Femmes think we must accept this unspeakable imitation of Butch because we grew up thinking you didnt exist". "And if you don't exist" you continue, "then I as Femme do not exist either". "If we cannot SEE each other, then we cannot SEE ourselves through each other". You tell me "I wasnt Femme till I was 24, because thats when I saw my first Butch woman"! "Thats when I knew I could no longer and would never again settle for an imitation"!

I ask you "what was it exactly about this first Butch that drew you to her, that made you KNOW"? You pull me into you a little more, slide your hand caressingly up my back from just above my ass where it was resting and say "her Butch skin of course" and smile!



  1. I believe that "Butch skin" explains me better than I have been able to. I am a femme and although I have found that out late in life (and still a virgin, lucky me), my first sexual experience with a butch told me all I needed to know, and made me wonder "why not before?" Now I understand. Thank you.

    I really love your site and your YouTube videos as well.

  2. Glad you could relate!

    Thank you.


  3. I agree with the first comment, this post totally sums up the way I feel. I especially relate to the part about men being imitations of butches. Why does everyone seem to think it's the other way round?

    And the skin thing is so true. I remember once in high school I found myself (no kidding) admiring the neck and jaw of a butch friend of mine. All I could think was "God, her skin is exquisite" and it was, but so is the skin of many, many women. I hadn't realized this before because the idea that the red sandpaper of men's faces was "rugged" and sexy had been so carefully fed to me.

  4. I wish I could be that butch. I think I had the chance once, but not any more. My skin is rough. Coarse hairs from years of testosterone. Other damage from the lasers and electrolysis it takes to clear the hairs. It will never be what it was. I haven't lost everything. And I have won my tears back.

    I lost sadness for a time, and happiness too. I spent years in numb desperation. I am scared by the idea that anyone else would.


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