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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Unethical Dr. Jill ZurAwski helps mutilate ftM women

A few emails from an ftMISOGYNIST list.

The first email is looking for info on how to get around her getting butchered but not NEEDING to be butchered as she is a healthy woman. The second is in response.

How to get one's medical ins. to cover unnecessary surgeries is a huge subject in the "trans" community.(keep in mind when they do its your tax dollars at work and your medical ins. on the rise) Its sickening enough that there are doctors our there willing to mutilate for a price, but sicker are the doctors coaching/aiding the disordered on how to get medical ins. companies to pay for those mutilations. Mutilations based in the MIND and NOT the body, so that the disordered can get mutilated right quite rather than delay for months/years while they save up money, giving them possibilities to work on their mental issues, of which many do, coming out the other side WHOLE!

But with doctors like Jill here lying for women, pretending as if they actually need to have surgery, what chance do these mentally ill women seeking such butchery have??? On top of Dr. Jill's helping in the mutilation of another woman, a woman who is physically healthy, she places this woman in the "cancer ward" to take up a fucking bed of someone who REALLY is physically fucking ill/dying!!!!!! This is beyond fucking wrong!!!!! This Dr. took a fucking OATH to ethically practice medicine! There is nothing fucking ethical about performing surgery on those who do not NEED surgery! Not to mention it is LEGALLY fucking wrong!

Please hold this sick fucking Dr. responsible for her fucking crimes. Do NOT let her do this to another woman! While its debatable whether her sick fucking misogynistic behavior would be deemed medical misconduct by the medical establishment there is no doubt the respondent's medical ins company wont take things so kindly.

Here is the name and number to the respondent's medical ins.

Turn this sick unethical bitch in!

Believe me you, I fucking did!



  1. You're clueless. Truly, pathetically clueless.

    And your blog is shit.

  2. Funny and here you are on here day after day after day reading!!!! Hilarious!


  3. Aside from anything else, using medical funds and resources that should be spent to save lives on a non-medically necessary surgery is CLEARLY unethical. You are VERY right to report this.

  4. I support your position. No doctor should be performing unnecessary surgery on perfectly healthy women.

    I do take exception to your use of "bitch." Why?

  5. Kitty,

    I hold no level of respect for women who help to murder other women. This woman is not merely being a tool of the patriarchy, she is using that tool to mutilate women with mental issues.

    Not to mention as I'm a woman, there are no power differences between her and I.


  6. Dirt

    I followed suit. Thank you for this info I'm passing your post along.

    Keep up the good work. You're brilliant.

  7. Wow, the stupid here is very strong.

    @cassaundra What about all the unnecessary plastic surgery such as boob jobs or other cosmetic surgery? I would say that deserves more attention than this as it happens way more.

    So Dirt, I ask this out of curiosity, do you consider yourself a Christian?

  8. I'm not religious.

    And I agree regarding other BDD's, its all part of the same piece.


  9. @Dirt At least you arent one of those pathetic pseudochristians hiding behind your morality and proud of your ignorance, I do salute you for not being that.

    But I have to wonder. How does the way some people choose to live their lives affect you? Out of all the worthy battles that are clearly out there, why this one?

  10. How doesnt is affect me? I'm a women, therefore the sick mistreatment of women affects me. How can you be born from woman, love women, be a woman and it not?


  11. I was going to write up a carefully reasoned response explaining all the ways in which this post is horribly wrong, but browsing through the comments and the rest of your blog made it clear that these arguments would fall on willfully deafened ears.

    So, instead, I will simply say:

    Regardless of the ethics of the doctors in question, your blatant transphobia and desire to dictate the lives of others earns you nothing but my contempt. On behalf of the entire trans community, fuck you, ma'am.

  12. Its because you have no "reasoned" response, therefore in typical fail manner you curse.

    And btw I do not "dictate" anything, I'm merely a woman keeping a personal blog.

    BTW also your "transphobic" remark doesnt hold water, its akin to calling me a lobotomyphobic.


  13. Dirt,

    I am just amazed that you can move from something as insightful and thought-rovoking as your series on butch othering to something as petty and hateful as this.

    Yes, this society objectifies womyn's bodies. Yes, that gives most womyn and some men body issues. Yes, there are good reasons to oppose the routine use of cosmetic surgery, to say that natural female bodies are beautiful, worthy, etc. not defective, not disgusting, and not something to alter to suit male beauty standards.

    Yes, the pervasive objectification of womyn's bodies, and misogyny, can make some people uncomfortable with their primary and secondary sex characteristics. No, that cannot explain transsexualism.

    For example, people with certain intersex conditions are far more likely to be transsexual than people without any known intersex conditions. I understand that people with CAH are usually female-assigned but many are male-identified. I understand that people with Klinefelter's are usually male-assigned but many are female-identified. Something on the order of 1/10 of these people with certain intersex conditions are transsexual, while something on the order of 1/1000 of people without any known intersex conditions are. The bulk of the evidence suggests biological causes.

    Even without that - the right response would be to create alternatives, particularly for female-identified butches, instead of cutting off alternatives for male-identified people.

    Is there one way that targeting this surgeon will help lesbian womyn? Is there one way it will help lesbian communities?

  14. Its so interesting as soon as the "trans" IDd do not have a leg to stand on they appropriate the intersex. Scary that nothing is sacred to this group. Horrifying actually. No shame.

    The right thing to do is help people with their MENTAL issues and work towards creating a society that those issue would rarely if ever develop! Some of us are doing just that.

    I'm not sure your point regarding lesbians and this doctors, I see none.


  15. @ billman

    people having elective cosmetic surgery PAY for their surgery, they don't STEAL resources from cancer patients in order to get what they want, THAT is the difference. (actuslly, just one difference, because there are others, like a boob job is a slight modification, NOT removal of a functioning organ for no sound medical reason.)

  16. Dirt, the biggest thing you do on this blog is tell butch lesbians and others that the medical/psychiatric/gender-academia emperor not only has no clothes, but is also a big rotting, sicko, walking corpse.

    And the worst thing you can do to most people is keep telling them the truth.

    If the whole "ftm" thing had truly only involved a few thousand women across the world who truly might believe - without ANY push to believe, or lack of an alternative but to believe (they think) - who would care? If this had just remained part of a tiny community that simply had a fetish about damaging their bodies this way, truly I wouldn't care. To each her own.

    But that's NOT what happened. What DID happen was a complete takeover of butch lesbian story, community, lives, and more as if normal, natural butches never existed, or were themselves the tiny minority. And because of that, it's almost impossible these days for young and older butch lesbians to have Clue One about who they are, who they can be, and what their lives mean in the world, outside of some completely made-up, junk-science, non-reality that says the only way to "be yourself" is to mutilate yourself.

    Your blog is about lesbian self-preservation. Those who don't "get" that are still too stuck in the psych and academic B.S. -- they haven't pulled their head out yet.

    Maybe they never will? Who cares. The ones who need to hear your message ARE hearing it. And they are passing it along.

  17. Their arguements are illogical as usual Dirt. This is exactly how I felt when I went to a women's organizational meeting several years ago. It was strictly for women, which did include Lesbian, Bisexual, heterosexual and trans MTF's with full DID NOT include FTM's, being that FTM's consider themselves 'male'. Well, anyway, that too was being debated, and one evening a young 20 or 30 something butchnik was there and proudly made an announcement: she pulled up her shirt and showed to the ENTIRE room her breastless chest, and HOW PROUD SHE WAS of partner and I were sickened by her. In this same community AT THE SAME TIME, there was a Dyke who was suffering from Breast Cancer who had to have a double mastectomy, just like the one who deliberately chose a mastectomy, but in this case, she had to have it or die....and she had no insurance. So we threw her a party and charged for it to raise funds for her insurance/aftercare. I felt so sickened that here is one woman in the community having her breasts forcibly removed because of deadly disease, and the other BRAGGING about having her breasts removed by CHOICE!

    Now this self same individual tried to run a Butch group and my partner recognized her, as the one who chose to have her breasts removed and showed them off that one night. An FTM leading a FEMALE IDENTIFIED BUTCH GROUP?? SHEESH!

  18. Dear Dirt,
    I've been reading most of your posts on your view on FTMs, I believe that you have the right to your own opinion and that your opinion is just as valid as mine. I also think that SOME of the negative comments that have been said against your posts are inappropriate and i would like to add to the level headed ones.

    I myself am an FTM transgender and would like for you to hear my opinion.

    I am as well a feminist, I believe in equal rights for women and do not believe in the patriarchal system, in fact i believe in equal rights for everyone. But I do not think that transitioning means that you hate women or that you are hurting women in the process of doing so. Transitioning does not have anything to do with the patriarchal society, it has to do with an individual not feeling comfortable in their body. Not all transgender people feel that they have to change their bodies because of the system or growing up in the system. Personally, I knew I wanted to change my body before society ever really got it's hands on me. I know I can't say all of this for every single FTM out there, but I can say it for the one's I know. The way your argument sounds to me is that you don't believe that individuals are born transgendered, but in fact there are studies that show that they are, just like their are studies proving that people are born gay. There was one thing that you posted that i would like to comment on, the fact that you said lesbian dating transitioning FTMs are all treated horribly. I firmly disagree with this statement, I myself dated a lesbian, I did not force her to accept me transitioning. She accepted me because she loved me, i did not see her as a straight female; i saw her as a complete and unwavering lesbian. I believe that people's identities go way beyond the labels that we place on them. And just because my lesbian girlfriend was dating me did not make her any less of a lesbian. I told you this because not all FTMs believe that their significant others need to change because of their changes. People need to look beyond the labels slapped on them. Yes, labels are important in trying to figure out who we are, but they do not define us .

    But I don't feel that it's fair that you attack the whole transgender community because of things said by a few. The trans community is bigger than the blogs you read and the posts you find. I also think that it's disrespectful when you address FTM, as FTM women, they do not see themselves as women but as men and most do not like female pronouns being used when addressing them; this also goes for MTFs. You may not agree with what they are doing, but the least you can do is at least be respectful towards them, because they are human and don't all humans deserve the same amount of respect? Personally, I feel like your argument would be a lot stronger if you were more respectful and if you didn't attack the whole transgender community based on things that a few individuals posted. I am glad that you have an outlet to share you opinions with others who share your opinion, my only requests is that you be a bit more respectful towards the transgender community, and I turn hope that some of the people who comment on your blog are more respectful towards your opinions.

  19. dirt, again you hit the nail on the head. taking resources away from CANCER PATIENTS. having FTMs lamenting that "unfortunately" they are HEALTHY. and having docs commit what may indeed be insurance fraud to line their own pockets, removing healthy female organs. what. the. fuck.

    of course, docs have been removing healthy female organs since they learned how to cut people open without killing them (and sadly, even before that). as you mention again and again, this is nothing new, but they act as if its a revolution. women CHOOSING to partipate, instead of being forced into it was only a matter of time. theres nothing revolutionary about the passage of time. revolution implies a deviation from the old norms, and this doesnt qualify. not by a long shot.

  20. Jackie,

    I "attack" no one. I keep a personal blog in my own personal space. Do I reveal through the utilization of what the "trans" community hides behind closed doors in order to reveal truth? You bet!

    I find it interesting that so many ftMISOGYNIST dare to call themselves feminist simply because they believe in "equally" of the Some need to brush up on exactly what feminist REALLY means!


  21. FCM,

    Thank you! Thats it in a nutshell, I write about what has been happening to women in some form or other for the last 5000 years, nothing new.

    How quickly Freeman's icepick lobotomy "cure" has been forgot. And who was the primary victims of that cure? WOMEN. Because women then as now continue to be the victims of the patriarchal medical establishment! Women who CHOSE just like these women here to have the promised "cure" to all that ailed them.

    Same day, differently named disorder and the very same misogyny underlining ALL of it!


  22. Dirt,
    The trans community is not hiding anything behind closed doors, again you are pointing out a few individuals, which is not fair towards the whole community. All of the things you have said about FTMs does not describe me or the FTMs that I know.

    Also, I know what a feminist is and what the feminist movement is. I think I am able to call myself one. Feminism is the movement to create equal rights and legal protection for women. The feminist movement is not to attack every single male, because not all males are out to get women. Yes, there are some who are absolutely horrible and are misogynists, but there are some men who aren't who want equal rights and legal protection for women.

    By the way my name is Jack.

  23. Miss J.

    A feminist is committed to the dismantling of the patriarchyal systems that create and perpetuate misogyny. The the primary factor in trinnification IS misogyny.

    I realize though that isnt something you or any other trans womman can understand through the blur of your disorder. But I do not write for you, I write for the future which I am changing in my own way.

    I suggest if you want a different future you use your time there rather than waste it here.


  24. It doesn't affect me that you say these horrible things about transgender individuals, but the thing that does bother me is your complete disregard and disrespect for these individuals. What you are doing towards the trans community is not different than what some people did towards the gay community

  25. Funny Jack, I dont recall the hetero world trying to help the gay community through ending homophobia through dismantling the misogyny that underlines it. I'll like to see the history book where you found that info.


  26. It doesn't affect me that you say these horrible things about transgender individuals, but the thing that does bother me is your complete disregard and disrespect for these individuals. I asked you nicely and respectfully that my name is Jack and still you ignore me and put "miss J." I also told you that most FTMs do not like female pronouns or suffix associated with them, because that is not who they are. You are not helping the future what you are doing is creating more discrimination and more prejudices.
    What you are doing towards the trans community is not different than what some people did towards the gay community. Those people did not believe that people were gay that it was a mental disorder that it was something that could be fixed. Transgender people do not suffer from a mental disorder.

  27. Clearly Jackie it does affect you or you wouldn't be here. What possibly could I have to do with you as a lesbian woman if you are the "man" you claim to be? Nothing. And yet...

    Jackie, I address people as they are not as how their disorder has them thinking they are. I'm reality based to the core.

    I as a Butch woman have no power whatsoever to "creating more discrimination and more prejudices". Although I do work to dismantle such issues by working towards eradicating misogyny.


  28. Alright so this may affect me, but I'm human and when there is someone attacking who I am, telling me that it is false and I suffer from some mental disorder I am going to be a little upset. I just don't think that it is fair that you sit here and attack me when you don't even know me. Telling me I'm not a feminist that I'm not really a man, and you keep calling me "jackie" and "miss j", (by the way jackie isn't even my birth name). Have you done any research on why people are transgender. You have no right to call it a mental disorder. If you do a little research you will find out that it isn't and that transgender individuals have the same risk of mental disorders as nontransgender individuals, but the increase of discrimination can cause risk.

    Again you should look beyond what is located between the legs of a person and see who they are. Again people are more than the labels slapped on them, even the labels of man and women

  29. I think Jackie you need to ask yourself why you feel "attacked".

    And if it is whats between your ears Jackie, why is it so many "trans" ID'd mutilate patriarchally sexually defined body parts? Hmmm

    If you are a "man" between your ears Jackie (where you imply it counts) then why take "T"?


  30. Agsin you are talking about me like you know me. Which you don't I am niether on "T" an neither have had any of the surgeries. So please don't try and tell me what I am doing. And if i did choose or felt that it was necessary to do any of those, I do not view it as self mutilation.

    And again please call me Jack

  31. Dirt,

    The people condemning lesbians, gays, and bi folks believe they are helping us. They think non-hetero sexuality is disordered. They push therapy. ("reparative therapy")

    When you claim that transsexualism is a mental disorder, when you compare it with body dysmorphic disorders, and when you push therapy... it can give the wrong impression.

    I think the story is too complicated for any one of us to see the whole story. An FtM might see childhood unease, adolescent disgust with his body, adolescent depression, etc. and any improvement after starting testosterone as confirmation of his condition. But as long as patriarchy objectifies womyn's bodies, any womon could face the same things, without being FtM.

    I don't want any growing womon [not actually FtM] who faces *temporary* body issues to see FtMs' narratives, to never see womyns' narratives, and to think transition is the answer.



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