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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Transgenderism: The New Improved Landscape of Pedophilia

A recent comment from a lesbian sister. Thanks btw MA for this info.

I agree MA, I would be suspect of ANY Mtf male trying to work with youths period or ANY ftM females who after their indoctrination into "T" began exhibiting ANY kind of pedophilic interests/behaviours.

Strictly speaking about female victims of childhood sexual abuse; once upon a time many of those victims when they began maturing into women would do whatever they could to make themselves unattractive to the male gaze. This would sometimes take the form of dressing down or less feminine to/as well as gaining weight to keep a certain distance between them and other people, particularly men if they were straight. This usually worked as both men and women are taught by patriarchy that "fat" combined with woman is the ugliest thing known to MAN.
A prime example of this would be say an Andrea Dworkin:

But once upon a time isnt today, post "T", when sexually abused women can go a completely different route and rather than make themselves into socially "ugly women" to repulse the male privileged advances of men making themselves instead into "men" looking something like this:

While going against hetero-patriarchy's standards of beauty didnt heal the damage done to those once upon a time sexually abused women, it didnt open up the possibility of harming others. It was a self contained masochistic way of dealing with their pain, rightly or wrongly so. In this new fangled post pro drug and mutilate yourself into a monstrosity world, potent harmful drugs such as "T" which physically alter the structure of the brain thereby mind alter, leave the door wide open for ftM women who have been sexually abused as little girls to extend their abuse, like the men they convince themselves they want to be, onto other children. And chillingly the male privilege that accompanies the changes from these drugs and mutilations puts these ftM women in the position to obtain places of power and trust!

Trannification is not the answer to sexual abuse, it can only lead to a more troubled person with the possibility to trouble others.


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