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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pretend Lesbians what are they good for?

Hope you dont mind my capping this Margaret but I have been saying this for fucking YEARS and couldnt agree more!
No lesbian alive would encourage, stand by or stay with a trannified lesbian, none! I in all my years have yet to see a single one.

And I have seen this proven true again and again and again within the Femme/Butch community. It starts with these fucked up hetero women (and I'm being kind by calling them women) entering into relationships with Butch women, depending how uncomfortable the Butch is with herself either enabling said Butch with the use of male pronouns or heteroizing the relationship to the point said Butch seemingly on her own starts using male pronouns. From there its a short ride on the short bus to trannyland by way of drugs and body mutilations! And from there its a hop, skip and a jump back to actual men leaving the former Butch a drugged up mutilated lusus naturae! That is of course depending on how much coin former Butch is bringing in, cuz I've seen that scenario too! Some ftM women are WORTH staying with!

My only hope at this point with sooo many ftMs out there these disturbed straight women will go right for them and leave Butch women the fuck alone!



  1. i honestly never thought about this dirt. straight women coaxing and prodding butch women to transition, then they LEAVE them? thats heartbreaking. one question that immediately pops to mind is, why would any doctor agree to transition someone under these circumstances to begin with? do they not have any way to screen for this, or for anyone likely to have a bad outcome for whatever reason? any discernment at all regarding who is a candidate and who isnt (besides who has insurance and who doesnt)? again it comes down to that: this is just bad medicine, any way you look at it.

  2. FCM,

    There are whole communities devoted to "femmeftMs", straight feminine young women trannifying backed by a sick medical establishment.

    I was in conversation for several months with a "femme" who was "married" to an ftM who pressured her into trannifying. She went to the same doctor the ftM partner did and had her "T" script in no time flat with an appointment to get her breast whacked off!

    You got the dime, the medical establishment has the time! And if you're young and dont have the dime, you can always use your student loans!


  3. yeah, i have heard about the use of student loan-money too. that people are literally sacrificing their educations for this, because they cant afford both! then they cry poverty later on of course, and say that its an example of TRANSPHOBIA! that they cant find jobs, or become sex-workers. well DUH. of course, anyone who would CHOOSE poverty aint that bad off now are they? compared to someone who is ACTUALLY poor? but i digress.

    your example of the femmeftM makes it painfully obvious (if it wasnt already) that this is just cosmetic surgery. no more, no less. why even bother to pretend otherwise, by making surgical candidates jump through extra hoops like living as the opposite gender etc? nobody would make me wear canteloupes in my bra for a year before approving me for breast-augmentation, if i was otherwise a viable candidate. this really is just a sick game, and it seems that elevating it from "cosmetic surgery" to "gender dysphoria" is just a way to get insurance to pay for it. its an absolute scam, a sham, and a fraud. its really as simple as that, isnt it?

  4. The "trans cult" likes to complicate this issues, makes them feel "special", but yeah, it is that simple.


  5. Of course I don't mind, Dirt!

    The queers have done a really good job of deluding women into the belief that males and females are exactly the same. And it works right up until the point at which biology gets in the way, every single time. Straight women want a penis. End of story. And once they've gotten their girlfriends to chop off their breasts, call themselves male, shoot synthetic hormones into their veins, and whatever other mutilations medicine is willing to inflict on them, at the end of the day there's still no dick.


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