Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ftMISOGYNIST warns other ftMISOGYNISTS not to read Dirt

Can you guess who the "massive bitch butch lesbian" is and whose blog is linked with all the warnings????? Me

I thought the last bit interesting. Attack what I write/post, but by all means just dont "read" of it!

Can the truth elicit more fear than that! Amazing!


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  1. That's ominous..the thing about your blogs creating such anger they'd want to 'beat things'. Like you, other women, what??? Well, I read stuff that's painful all the time, and take on others too...maybe it will stop just one of them from transitioning...just least to sit back and THINK about it. Then we've done our job. I read such misogynist women hating, dyke hating, Butch hating bullshit all the time in queer stuff and in other communities I'm in and I just want to scream...but I keep putting my truth I see it. I don't go 'beat things' just because I happen to disagree, or censor others in getting another point of view. You MUST be Dangerous!