Saturday, December 5, 2009

ftMisogynist Q&A

From a comment to one of my you-tubes.

Umm Bell, you are correct, a female uncomfortable with her body is not "misogynistic", its internalized misogyny based in patriarchy. And I find it difficult to believe there are adult women who are trannifying themselves and yet being "forced to dress and act a certain way". While sadly most children are forced to dress according to their parents wishes, teens begin having a say and most certainly adults have say. Not to mention Bell, that dress and acting dont make one a male or a female, only biology does that.

Bell, I dont doubt there are probably some very nice ftMisogynist out there, but Bell, they're NOT "guys". They are very mentally disturbed women regularly injecting themselves with synthetic male hormones and or having various body parts that patriarchy sexualizes mutilated. I dare any one of them to have a DNA test done and see what sex it comes back as.

Hope that clears things up for you Bell.

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  1. It might say something like this:

    One imagines the converse to be true, but the patriarchy seems much more concerned with why anyone (you or I, for example,) would not find being male to be inherently attractive.

  2. Yes, to some extent when we are teens we can choose what we wear. However, the amount of pressure from parents, peers, society, etc. can be enough to force people to wear clothing and act in ways that make them unhappy.

    To provide an extreme example, when he was 5, my FTM partner requested that his family call him Todd. He also would steal scissors to cut his hair (his family wanted him to have long hair), and pretend to shave his face with his dad's razor, etc.

    By the time he was in fourth grade, his parents were fed up and institutionalized him (they packed his bags and moved him in to a hospital). He was so young and did not understand why he had to be away from his parents. He was required to wear dresses and read Teen magazine. He was sad, confused, and homesick.

    Eventually, he understood that in order to go home he would have to 'play by their rules'. So he did.

    Unfortunately, after he was home, his parents threatened to send him back to the hospital whenever he talked about being a boy, or tried to do things like cut his hair. Backed by the traumatic hospitalization, their threats worked. He did as they wanted, but he was miserable.

    This is just an example of what happened with him. I know it varies. I was a hell-child and I would have said "Fuck you" and done as I pleased, but after I was hospitalized, I probably would have ended up conforming too.