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Thursday, December 3, 2009

ftM Transgender Pedophile Caught

Emailed to me last night.

Guess this occurred a month or so ago, big shocker it wasn't made mention in any of the major "trans" forums/journals/blogs etc.

For a sickeningly thorough account go here.

As I think I covered much of this yesterday, I'll leave it at that.


1 comment:

  1. This is so fucking sick. She probably imitated that one guy who did that several years ago, enrolled himself as a high school student. Hope she gets sent up the river....

    Unfortunately since unlike bio men they haven't experienced T for very long in their female bodies, being it's ENTIRELY UNNATURAL for bio females to have those high testosterone levels, they go through the same horrible male adolescence, attitudes, sex drives, and misogyny that male teenagers do(and we know how much trouble they make), can't handle them, and start getting into the same sick shit men do. I think there will be more battering and such with their female partners who support them, and who wants to stand for FTM misogyny?

    And THIS is liberation????


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