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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Frieda Hughes The Book of Mirrors

I want to thank my dear friend the english poet Morney Wilson for this wonderful wonderful surprise that awaited me this afternoon when I came home. It is a treasure, as are words.

For Nick

The sun rises and sets
In spite of your absence,
Oblivious of our separation by death
Or your part in my evolution.
But your shadow remains
As if you never left; its mine now.

I would never have given you up
Except that you were borrowed;
To be returned to the primal clay.
Had I known that each day
Counted you off like fingers
I might have mourned sooner
The idea of impending loss.
It would have eroded
The years I thought we'd share;
That necessary ignorance was bliss
Reassuring me that nothing was amiss.

But you remain alive for me;
I hear you speak as you commit
The mundane actions of a day; you eat; you sleep;
You exist-an echo from the walls
Of every room I occupy.
The recollection of your voice
Plucks at the sinew of the instrument
I have become for you. That music
Argues with the loss of presence
That your ashes signify;
And our sibling shadows dance.


Besides the "nick" poems I've only had a moment to skim the book, but you're right, its her best and it shows. I found myself immediately struggling to read the "nick" poems through fits of tears, and feel a bit ashamed that when I read of his death my only thoughts we're with regard to the feelings of the dead, until you mentioned it in email recently, I too had forgot the living.


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  1. I heard this being read on Radio 3 by FH, really good poem.


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