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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

FGM-FTM see the difference? Me either!

I must say I find it ironic some UKians are in an uproar regarding FGM yet remain in complete silence (or worse support) about the female genital mutilations of ftM's! Stands to reason the UK government refuses to enforce laws stopping FGM's because if it actually worked to stymie this mutilation misogyny, the NHS (national health) would place itself into a situation where it would need to follow suit and halt the mutilations being performed on ftM women, because basically they amount to the very same thing and are a product of the very same thing: MISOGYNY!


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  1. Dirt, I really don't know where your claim that the reason FGM is not stamped out is FtM transexuals comes from.

    The reason FGM is on the rise in Britain is not that transexuals are becoming increasingly accepted here (although that certainly is true), but instead that immigration from Somalia (one of the few countries in the world which still perpetrates this horror) has been widespread as a consequence of that country's seemingly perpetual civil war. Accordingly you have a sub-culture where this sort of stuff happens forming.

  2. Damn, you put up the most graphic I feel a bit sick...but then we should feel sick about this being done to bio-female bodies. Frankly, let 'em become FTM, over Female Genital Mutilation by belonging to those cultures or radical/conservative woman hating Muslim communities...

    I can't tell you how much it enrages me about FGM in particular. This is done NONCONSENSUALLY to very young little girls. Those FTMs who choose to have it done, are choosing it at 20 plus. Not that I agree with it. But MOST FTM's I know stop at the breast surgery. They LIKE having a big clit, which they grow from the hormones. They even like sometimes being penetrated(just saw that about two weeks ago at a play party). They don't want to give up what pleasure they have, most of them, plus that surgery doesn't work and is horribly expensive.

    There IS a big difference, but the problem is with all these transgenderings going back and forth mutilating their bodies, it takes away from the REAL crimes against women in these ultra conservative womon hating cultures and countries. And did you know in fact that there is approval for a lesbian who is found out to have a sex change operation to male in Iran, and the STate will pay for it(also MTF operations too) rather than being homosexual. That's punishable by death. So, TRANSITION OR DIE, says Ahmajadeen and his Imams over him....and other Arab countries support the same. Homosexuality is punishable by stoning to death or toppling a wall on you...but transitioning to be 'heterosexual' is just fine....whose interests is the trans movement supporting?

  3. James, I'm not understanding your point. My point is misogyny is the underlying reason for both FGM and ftMGM.


  4. MA,

    I understand and share much of your frustrations regarding ftMISOGYNISTS, but if you look bother to underneath you will see that female trannification is no more a choice than FGM. And both are firmly hinged in misogyny.


  5. I do agree that both are from the source of misogyny, but FTMS have free agency whether to choose to transition or not. Nobody is strapping them to the table to have those surgeries, though intense pressure is put on them on said Arab countries to transition to male, or that is coercion. Also in said countries, or in modern countries with those from those extremely conservative misogynist cultures young girls/teens are beset on by female family members and maimed, or taken to doctors and having their clitorises removed, labias scraped away and vagina sewn is devastating, painful, and horrifying. It is coerced by the family and the powers that be, and the religion they believe in as well or culture/tribe they belong to. It is the worst of the worst of misogyny. It is NOT the same as an FTM CHOOSING to have her breasts cut off in this country, and having to save up for the surgery, or CHOOSING to go through the genital surgery which costs even more and MOST don't go through with it...they live in bodies somewhere between male and female, no breasts, but a full vagina/vulva/cunt with a big oversized Testosterone filled clitoris which they think of as a micropenis. Instead the pressure is put on them mostly by the genderqueer/FTM community, primarily. A relatively powerless community compared to the State, religious and familial mechanisms where Female Genital Mutilation is forced onto young girls and/or teenagers.

    You are right, the end result is similar, a form of female genital mutilation whichever way you slice it......

  6. "Bottom surgery" is pushed by the medical establishment in the UK for trans men. I know this because a trans man told me. "have you considered further surgery?" was the first question asked after having a double mastectomy. The pressure is there. And by the way, such surgery is carried out on the NHS, so you don't have to pay.


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