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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dirt's 4th Weekend Women's Day of Remembrance

Two more ftMISOGYNYST victims of the women HATING medical establishment!



Trannification-the ultimate lie

your friendly


  1. Here's another example of a transgender who is trying to claim womanhood at the same time

  2. You do realize that this is a real person right? With an actual life? And a right to some respect and privacy right? I realize you imagine you're doing him a favour, but you are putting him at risk, and you should be totally ashamed of yourself.

  3. Please pay attention, both these folks are WOMEN! Women whose mental illness has allowed for a sick misogynistic medical establishment to drug and mutilate them into monstrosities!

    I realize the mentally ill suffering from this disorder may wish to keep this sick shit in the closet but fortunately for them I do not and will not!

    Some of us have fucking principals!


  4. I prefer superintendents myself, but that's just personal preference.

    Anyways, you have fun with that, Dirt. One day, maybe even one day soon, you will understand that what people choose to do with their own bodies is indeed their own choice. You're doing no favors, changing no minds. Being a trans person is not a monstrosity LOL. Hate is a monstrosity, Dirt, and yours is filled to capacity. At some point you're going to have to release some of that pressure, else you implode with self- loathing. I wish you well with that as-of-yet untouched project.

  5. Since you found their pictures on the internet, they're obviously not in the closet. But you are using copyrighted images without permission. You need to take them down right now, before you wind up in court for copyright infringement.

    As well as defamation and libel. "Misogynist"? You don't even know these people! At least one of them is a strong feminist, I can tell you.

    If FtM surgeries are evidence that the medical establishment is so "women hating", then why are so many more MtF surgeries performed than FtM?

    How is "trannification" a "lie", when the trans person is completely out of the closet and open about their trans status?

  6. Funny Anon, the emails I get says different I enlighten people daily with the truth behind the big trans lie.

    And given I'm doing a workout at michfest this coming year I enlighten a great deal more lesbians.


  7. Might wanna read up on "fair use", as of last august the laws changed.

    And no, neither of these women are "feminist", feminist love themselves as women, love women and fight for women. There hasnt ever been a single "trans" person dead or alive, male or female whose a feminist. This disorder is misogynist driven. Cant have feminism where misogyny is core. A simple truth.

    One of these women I know from her own partners lips is "controlling/abusive/sexually abusive". Doesnt sound very "feminist" to me.


  8. What you're saying above about the alleged words of one partner may cross the line into libel. I also know very well one of the men you've chosen to victimize here. He's a conscientious and knowledgeable feminist, and an excellent partner. It has been my joy and privilege over the last couple of decades to see his progression towards true self; confident, clever, loving, sexy as hell, and handling the dissonance between his body and the sex of his brain with grace.

    Interestingly, the url in the first comment links to the blog of a very interesting and intelligent-sounding intersexed woman, who's very existence highlights the inadequacy of your hypothesis about trans folk. She is a clear example of a structural, biological underpinning to gender variance and demonstrates that we impose a gender binary over what is in reality a bimodal distribution of traits. Fortunately, we have the technology to allow folk to navigate their own path through that puzzle, when the choice is not clear-cut. It's all about individual agency in our lives, a concept any feminist should be thoroughly familiar with.
    But thanks for the link, anyway!

    Are you aware of how you sound? Your dogma has precisely the style of the xtian right wing fundamentalists who would like to see all of us up against the wall, and the exact same argument of 'mental illness' has been used to justify horrific treatment of gays and lesbians. Ponder that, if you will.

  9. The medical establishment "victimized" these women, not me.

    And again you cannot be a pathological misogynist AND be a feminist. And ALL those suffering from the trans disorder ARE pathological misogynist, its the prime factor in this disorder.

    As for "libel" she has every right to take me to court if she feels it necessary. I'm merely repeating what her partner told me. I do however have taped phone convos and emails to back it up so...she can have at it. Would make for some great headlines and my message would be furthered.

    As to how I sound, according to most I sound like the "caring" "intelligent" Butch concerned with womens issues that I'm ready, willing and able to die for like any woman who truly loves women.


  10. The relevant distinction here is consent. You're taking images of people you don't know, placing them on your blog without consent, and ridiculing them. This is a form of victimization (albeit a weak one, along the lines of a playground bully).
    Anything someone does or has done (consent, again) with their own body in order to improve their enjoyment thereof is their own business, and does not (and cannot) 'victimize' them. And it is not your business. Do you understand the concept of agency here?

  11. I understand fully this disorder and there is no "agency" when one is mentally suffering from such a disorder. Whats next gastric bypass for the anorexic because she says she needs it! Sheesh! BDD is BDD plain and simple.


  12. L, are you by chance speaking to the conversation you played for me at your apartment? The Yom Kippur one?

    If you are I found what was played for me abominable. No person who would treat a woman THAT abusive, abusive till she physically dug her own neck and face with her own hands while her partner watched is a feminist! She sounded so sad and shaken it hurt my heart.

  13. Abusive behavior is always heartbreaking, and if you want to call an individual out on abusive behavior, then do so.

    That is not what's being done here.

    There are abusers in every walk of life, gay, lesbian and straight, queer, trans and cis. One could as easily examples of of abusive lesbian relationships (and right wing websites often do), and assert that this means all lesbian relationships are unhealthy. This tactic is no less unsavory when practiced by you.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I've seen this argument (or in the case of this blog, statement) made before but I can't see how one can make the argument with a straight face. A transexual getting gender reassignment surgery no more murders a woman than being bixsexual makes one indecisive.

    Consider this: Hermaphrodites exist, people born with either no definitive genitalia or genitalia of both sexes. We acknowledge this as a birth defect, an abboration and do not have issue when someone born thus has corrective surgery to, in effect, pick a gender.

    But when someone is born and never feels comfortable in their body, never sees themselves as having the correct genitalia, why do some people assume that this is a mental disease that must be cured?

    How far do we take this? People who get extreme piercings? Tattoo enthusists? Women who get breast reduction surgery? People who work out to maintain six pack abs?

    The argument was made that if we accept transitions then next we'll have to accept anorexics getting lap bands... except in the former case, they are not hurting themselves where as the former is definitively. The comparison is kind of weak.

    I've known two transmen and one transwoman. They never appeared insane or self hating. The transmen weren't lesbians. They were men whose parts didn't come original issue.

    Life and living things, in general, fall into broad categories but none of those categories are neat or absolute. And when it comes to self perception and sexuality in the human animal, no where is that more apparent. One's genitalia doesn't determine who one will find attractive, love or want to spend one's life with.

    The idea that one's genitals don't reflect the person you are inside and that someone might wish to correct them to match that person isn't crazy. The idea that someone can judge a whole strata of sexual identity and the people who are part of that identity, however, is asinine.

  16. First I'm not discussing the intersexed. Second no one is born feeling out of place in their body, that only comes after they have the mental capacity to pit themselves against societal/familial expectation.

    Just because the Apotemnophile (a variation of BDD of which GID is housed) BELIEVES he/she is "born in the wrong body" doesnt mean we should hack their arms or legs off now does it? Funny though how that differs to the ME when its body parts deemed sexual by patriarchy...hmmmmm

    People are not born in the wrong body, people are born in the wrong society! As misogyny is whittled down those suffering from the "trans" disorder will drastically decrease, you can already see it on the horizon. And given the Freeman proximity to the current butchery to "treat" this disorder, that will change within the next 20 years or sooner.


  17. Second no one is born feeling out of place in their body...
    Are you sure of that?

    For that matter, how do you differ your position from someone who says no one is born gay?

    Funny though how that differs to the ME when its body parts deemed sexual by patriarchy...
    I'm not sure that anyone's bits are "deemed sexual by patriarchy" so much as identified such due to their function and use.

    Also, at least one of the transmen I've known didn't have the bottom surgery and never intends to. Does that make a difference to you or is the mastectomy enough in your eyes to identify someone as insane?

    Just because the Apotemnophile... BELIEVES he/she is "born in the wrong body" doesnt mean we should hack their arms or legs off now does it?
    I think this is debatable, to be honest.

    Yes, Apotemophila and BIID are both classified as mental illness, (but then again, so was homosexuality less than 75 years ago). The reason, I imagine, that amputation differs from other body modification is that the body is less capable after the process than prior. The distinction between someone who wishes to voluntarily amputate a limb, however, and someone who wishes to be covered head to toe in tiger stripes or someone who wishes to bifurcate their tongue may really just be a measure of degree.

    While I don't understand the urge and I wouldn't counsel someone to go through with it, I can't say that I'd automatically call someone who wished to remove their leg below the knee as unquestionably mentally diseased until I at least talked to them.

    (a variation of BDD of which GID is housed)
    And I take it this is your professional opinion as a psychiatrist?

  18. I never said the "trans" disordered are "insane" I wouldnt consider the "trans" disordered anymore insane than I would the eating disordered. Many are bright, caring, successful people.

    Homosexuality was deemed wrong because of hetero-patriarchy, it was/is a moral issue, not a mental issues hence the reason eventually it was deleted from the DSM. Gays and lesbians do not drug and mutilate themselves into being gays and lesbians.

    As a Butch lesbian who occupies a great many "trans" spaces I see what goes on behind the scenes and I also have clear personal insights that the hetero-patriarchally informed shrinks do not have nor care to have.

    If I were just some run of the mill armchair blogger I wouldnt have "trans" communities worldwide daily up in arms. That says to me I know more about what I'm talking about than anything!


  19. People aren't angry because you 'know something'. Personally, I'm angry because you've stolen a photo of someone I love and ridiculed him. Fortunately, he's already out, and has never been stealth. Others you may be putting in real danger, and you're too blinded by of self-righteous hatred (or your own, projected self hatred) to be able to understand how this is wrong. I don't expect you to be able to see this, but hopefully other folk stumbling across your blog will get it, and be as appalled as I am.

  20. Seriously, "stealth" isnt on option for cern. And the only pics here are of women, no "hims" only "hers".

    Also ya might wanna watch what and who you say things to at LJ, it just could end up here.


  21. I hope someday you'll realise how your hated of the transgendered supports the patriarchy. I doubt it, but one can always hope. There's a lot of writing on how marginalised groups further marginalising smaller, even more oppressed groups supports the oppressor. There's also a lot of writing on how projection of identity over the identify of the target (particularly in terms of objectification, which you certainly appear to enjoy) does the same. I'm sure you've read quite a bit of it, and yet have no idea how any of that could possibly apply to you, which is unfortunate. The irony would be delicious were it not so hurtful.

    Also, the lurkers support you in email? Seriously? Classic.

    Oh, and I'm here because you've defamed a guy I know who is a nice person, and are working to hurt others. I wish you would take this clearly bountiful energy and use it to actually fighting, rather than supporting, patriarchy. To paraphrase you, you can't oppose the patriarchy while in practical effect supporting it. And there's enough of that fight to go around without you helping.

  22. That says to me I know more about what I'm talking about than anything!
    If being able to make people angry with a callous or discriminatory remark was confirmation of expertise, then half of the blogoshpere would up for P.H.D.'s.

    As a Butch lesbian who occupies a great many "trans" spaces...
    And this is the statement that confirms to me that you don't understand.

    Once upon a time, I had a ftm co-worker. I was talking with him about his girlfriend and refered to her as a lesbian. He gently corrected me and pointed out that he wouldn't be dating a lesbian; he was a guy.

    It took me a second to understand (and apologize for the faux pas) but then I got it. My coworker was a guy mind and soul, just not in body. And he was having surgery done to adjust that as much as was possible.

    The thing that disturbs me about your perspective is that when asked direct questions about how this compares to other extreme body modifications, you've deflected but not answered. When it's pointed out that by the same logic you're using, that all non-traditional sexualities and body images are easily dismissed, you say nothing to it.

    This doesn't say "informed dissent" to me. It says "blind intolerance".

  23. Your ftMISOGYNYST co-worker LIVES pretending to be a guy, huge difference than ACTUALLY being a guy. And many ftMISOGYNYST partner with lesbians, because they are lesbians. Two women together regardless of what kinds of drugs the other woman takes, still equals two women together, equaling lesbians. Your co-worker chooses not to view herself as a lesbian because to embrace who she really is, is in opposition to who she believes she is.


  24. Also feel free to ask about any BDD, its all part of the whole and all have some leg in misogyny.


  25. Your ftMISOGYNYST co-worker LIVES pretending to be a guy....
    Which is your opinion, and you're entitled to it.

    Of course you should also recognize that you don't know the person, are making a broad generalization and that your argument, at least from what I've read so far, has little basis in reason or logic. Unless you've got something else to back it up, you're argument is no more valid than those who say that lesbians just haven't met the right man (and they know, because they finally met the right man).

    ...feel free to ask about any BDD....
    Feel free to say anything about you wish. Though I would urge you to look up "transference" in the context of psychology.

    From what you've said, you're not trans. That's fine. But you're saying you've got the psychology of an entire class of people pegged... based on what, again?

    Name a study. Show me an analysis of those who live happily after GRS vs. those who don't. That might have merit. Saying it over and over again with a buzzwordy insult doesn't prove anything.

  26. Dirt, saying that FtMs are anti-woman simply because they are FtM is like saying all gay men hate women because they're gay. It makes absolutely no sense and demonstrates your lack of knowledge. Transgenderism is about one's personal identity, the way you view yourself. People don't get sex changes because they hate women and want to see them trapped in the kitchen. They do it because they don't feel that they are truly women on the inside, that is all.

    I am a FtM and I believe in equal treatment between the genders. That by its very definition technically makes me a feminist. You don't have to believe it, but there you go.

  27. Gay men? ALL men are misogynist, where have you been for the past 5000 years?

    If you cannot love and embrace the woman you are, you cannot truly love and embrace women.


  28. No it isnt an "opinion" its a simple fact. If you do not care for the facts posted here its real easy to simply not read this blog.


  29. That part about the so-called 'transdisabled', meaning those who want to have a body part removed(nongenital) because they don't 'see' themselves as able bodied and are faking a genuine disability...that IS mental illness. It can be extrapolated that alot of the surgeries of trans people could be seen as mental illness too, especially the motivation and the body self-hatred. I just don't buy the 'born into the wrong body' nonsense any more....that's such a mantra repeated so many times ad infinitum. It's got to be a whole lot more than that...but removing a limb, and not 'necessarily' considering that individual mentally ill....well, then what IS mental illness? It's a self-destructive act to make oneself LESS than, I'd consider that mental illness, when so many disabled people genuinely struggle physically, medically and financially just to survive in a society that barely supports them in grinding poverty.

    The same with the whole trans business. I can understand not identifying with your body, but then to do body harming surgeries especially genital where you won't have feelings and sensations commensurate with the sex you purport to want to be? I don't know if I buy that that's a healthy choice in the long run. But the language between the two groups is so much the same, and your pass on an individual who wants to remove a perfectly healthy limb as possibly 'mentally healthy'? That's indeed delusion.

    Only other thing about the pic is maybe black out the eye as not to fully identify the individual in question. That would be respectful. On the other hand, putting such explicit exhibitionist pics of one's self out on the internet is always risky.

  30. Where is your evidence and scientific back up for this theory? Can you even defend it? Keep in mind that by defend it, I mean come up with something other than "its not an opinion, its a fact."

  31. This evidence is all over/through the trans community. Hence the reason I let that speak for itself.


  32. I am a FtM and I believe in equal treatment between the genders. That by its very definition technically makes me a feminist.

    Actually, it doesn't. It makes you a liberal. Feminists advocate the overthrow of patriarchy, which created this caste system based on sex, i.e., gender. Without gender, there can be no "transgender". To be trans is to be anti-feminist by definition.


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