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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Butch-The Future is Ours!

I did publish your comment, but I thought this worthy of its own individual post especially given the attack this blog has taken in the last few days. I know so many lesbians are afraid to speak up when it comes to their true feelings regarding "trans" issues/"trans" lies for fear of attack. While I am conscious of what happens to those who have had a "trans" target on their backs (bailey/bindel) I am also therefore cautious. But that cautiousness will not impede on silencing me. The more boo's from the gallery the more its clear we're absolutely correct in these "trans" matters. What this group fails to see and cannot see through its pathological narcissistic narrow lens, is the future. The same pathological narcissism that deludes them into thinking this blog, my writings, my views are about THEM! I write for women and I write for the future.




  1. That was a wonderful post by's about time we're speaking our truths instead of being silenced by the trans movement and it's illogic. I mean, a MAN can give birth, that whole 'pregnant male' Thomas Beattie stuff????

    I see it as a very, very serious generation gap. The 40 and 50 somethings Butch Dykes are holding onto what we still got, and all those under 40, and even some in their 40's are wanting to identify as some version of male, or starting to question their 'gender' issues. What the hell does that mean? 'Gender' issues? Nothing...a smoke screen...a cover up for the fact that it's hard to live as a female in a misogynist world where we're still denied basic equality, basic access to resources, basic rights, and fear getting raped if we walk the streets at night, or even during the day. That if we're not 'ladylike' we don't fact that bio-female true BUTCHES are invisible, while the media courts the FTM and Genderqueer darlings...even the gay media.

    I'm sick and tired of being invisible, of being treated 'less than', of being discriminated against as a Dyke, a woman, a Butch, a womon of size, that is a Big, Butch Womon, attempting to get or keep a job...while those who pass as male can waltz right into those jobs because they have the 'right' appearance. There are those transitioning because of said discrimination against Butch women...there are others transitioning because of peer pressure, and others transitioning because they're called to do it...

    But does this help us as WOMEN? Does it help us having our womonhood, our FEMALENESS, our biological FEMALENESS reduced to merely a 'gender' which can then be dismissed????

    Yes, BUTCH WOMEN the future is ours, and hopefully soon, if we keep raising our voices, others are already beginning to see this and be alerted to the lies and the bill of goods they've been sold, and they'll regret considering the surgeries, the hormones, the expectations and the hatred of themselves.....and one day walk away from all of reclaim their Butch Femaleness again.....

    -Butch Women-The Future is Ours!
    -In Solidarity-MasterAmazon

  2. MA,

    When Nat first brought that idea that I should do a workshop at Michfest I'll admit while I thought it would be interesting I wasnt really sure I wanted to do it. But I now feel the terrible urgency for such a workshop with the chance to educate thousands of lesbians of all persuasions who can then educate thousands of other and so on and so on.

    I will be working on my workshop proposal this weekend to have in next week!

    Yes MA the future is BUTCH! The future is WOMAN!


  3. You should DEFINITELY do the workshop, you can reach many, many likeminded women thru Michfest, and those who aren't will get educated anyway. We are organizing Female Identified Butch groups here...finally, some of us are organizing, because we dont' want to be the last in the legacy...and we don't want to be marginalized either.
    -Keep on Keeping on,


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