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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Women not welcome on any Butch Femme site?

Fair use capped.

So I get this email at facebook regarding a "new butch/femme" site looking to add members. I figure what the hey, maybe it wont be another "wehatewomen" femme/butch community. WRONG!

Takes me all of about 2 minutes to sign up, a 1 minute to created a profile, 30 seconds to see it in fact IS the same male-centric woman hatred currently dominating all femme/butch spaces, 10 seconds to see a horrifically misogynistic thread aimed at the "female ID(femme or butch)", 15 seconds to comment on that thread and less than a minute to get banned for what I said which was removed. Being the smarty that I am, I capped what I commented to which you can see above before I exited.

So for stating the obvious, that Butch women are not men therefore clearly they cannot be "emasculated", I was banned. A Butch woman, banned from a supposed "butch-femme" site interested in "lively debate"...

There's no debating this site is not interested in debating the KRAZY notion that Butch women just might actually be *oh I dont know* WOMEN!

Its a shame there is such shame in being a woman, more shameful when that shame is pathological and more shameful still when in female only spaces like femme/butch communities. There is so much work to be done to alleviate even a little of the damage made by post-modernism/queer theory within femme/butch spaces, but unless we try, femme/butch will continue to become the hetero mimicry it has always been accused of being!


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