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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Why Dirt will never grow up!

" One night, it was the last night Francie ever talked much about being grown-up, she said to Daphne,
-Do you know what?
-You know Easter time and the eggs and silver paper and that? Well, when we're children we eat the eggs straight away, don't we? But if you're grown up you keep them. Its the same with chocolates, and anything nice.
-How do you know?
-Because of Mawhinney's. Their front room is filled with Easter eggs that Mrs. Mawhinney hasn't even bothered to take the paper off.
-I dont know. When you're grown up, you're frightened to taste the nice things, like Easter eggs, in case you never get them again, or something, so you save them up till you have rooms full of them. It's like spending money and being afraid because you've spent it; only this isn't money, it's something inside people that they're afraid to spend. I know, from Mawhinney's and other places. And then you die, and leave yourself and the nice things wrapped up, like an Easter egg, with the lovely wavery paper still on it, and the black patterned chocolate inside. " (JF)



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