Thursday, November 26, 2009

Transgender Truths Equals Transgender Lies

Fair use capped.

This made its way to my inbox yesterday evening ( thanks for keeping me posted sister).

The "trans" motto were truth ever to be injected into the veins of the"trans" community like the faux hormones so readily injected would no doubt be "when in doubt, lie".

Because truth is not exactly on the buddy list of the "trans" community, when it is spoken, even in individual spaces regarding "trans" issues, those individuals must be silenced. Because those like myself who make truth known, truths that cannot be disputed, the "trans" community resorts to what it knows best: LYING! But when the entirety of your self created identity is a lie, lying comes pretty easily I would imagine. The short of it though is this; the "trans" community will take whatever measures it believes it must to silence the likes of rad lez fems like me; be that elaborate hoaxes aimed to emotionally harm/disarm, threats of male violence and rape or their personal fav such as the above, denigratory lying.

The truth of the matter is we (rad lez fems) could cease and desist from ever mentioning "trans" anything period ever again, BUT if we continued fighting for the dismantling of misogyny we would STILL be slandered and attacked BY the "trans" community. Why? Because misogyny is at the root of trannification! There is a common thread that runs clean through MALE to female and female to MALE, and thats MALE! Now you can say female runs through both as well and I would agree. BUT the female in Mtf and ftM has the same place she has in the real world, powerless, victimized and inferior. And THIS is why those of us fighting for the disembowelment of patriarchal misogyny even outside of "trans" circles MUST be stopped. Because if the f in ftM and the f in Mtf found her voice, gained even the slightest bit of power and declared she would no longer be victimized, POOF! Just like that, the "trans" disorder thereby the "trans" ID'd would cease developing.

Now if you EVER had even the slightest bit of doubt that "transition" IS a disorder, your proof is in the pudding is right here. Because only the truly sick, would wish to remain sick and have others get sick when this illness could be eradicated by the empowerment and equality of women.

Transition: Misogyny made real through brutal abuses of female forms.

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  1. man you are so funny im actually crying with laughter right now. Lady if you knew what it was like to be oppressed, you wouldnt be playing such an attention seeker. Btw transgender is a medical condition caused by an influx of opposite hormones during fetul development, n meds are perscribed to treat it. If ya wanna be opressed listen to this. get off the internet you powerless, wordless woman and go back to looking after the kids n cooking dinner