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Friday, November 27, 2009

SRS the right of the Mentally ill?

Fair use capped from a popular "trans" forum/chat.

And this was the general response not surprisingly, a slew of "well done's" and "good jobs" and "way to go's".

One of the primary features of EVERY single "trans" forum, newsgroup, community center and any other "trans" meeting place you can dream up real-time and online is the How to Guide. The ad nauseum "I was born in the wrong body" "trans" mantra is the free ticket handed to all who enter the "trans" gate. With that, any living person right this second could reference one of these How to area's on any one of these "trans" groups, glean enough info and encouragement and in two "gender specialist" appointments or less have yourself declared an official tranny with your first faux hormone script tucked securely into your shirt pocket while you waltz out the door on your way to the nearest drugstore. A few injections later and given you have the moola (if you dont, trust me, there's info on how to use your student loans for trannification money as well) you can pay any number of doctors across various countries to mutilate yourself into the "new" not so improved and much butchered "you".

In "trans" spaces (both real and mental) the level of trannification, the reasons for trannification make no difference, have no bearing or place. All that matters is the How; like Anne Sexton's suicide in her poem Wanting to Die: But suicides have a special language/ Like carpenters they want to know which tools/They never ask why build. And suicide after all is about murder, and so to is "transition". When are we going to stop playing cops and robbers, shoot now and ask questions later, when are we going to start asking why first?



  1. hey dirt

    the lying to get the surgery aspect really bothers me too. since when are the patients in the drivers seat not only with regards to a course of treatment, but to the diagnosis too? its like a drug addict lying to get another script for vicodin...but also diagnosing themselves with the painful condition in the first place, with no other diagnostic criteria besides self-reported (highly questionable) "symptoms".

    this is just bad medicine, any way you look at it.

  2. Thats the thing isnt fcm, GID IS self diagnosed!



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