Monday, November 9, 2009

Relinquishing Woman

Capped from a popular ftM forum regarding male privilege. This was the typical response out of several pages of responses.

If you are a woman and you believe that after forty plus years of feminism women have made some strides under patriarchy, you only have to read something like this to see women are more lost now than ever.

This isn't the "T" talking, this is what has caused this woman and women like her to take the "T" in the first fucking place! Granted the skewed patriarchal ideals and visuals we have of femininity plays its part, but far more than that is the continued confined roles women are allowed to have and allowing themselves to have by not demanding more. Feminism isn't about having the choice to have your body whittled into that of a pseudo male in order to gain male privilege. Feminism is supposed to be about women dismantling the architecture of male privilege so that the opportunities available to women are equal to that of men!

Is this now then the new feminism, the latest "wave"? Is this what our kind suffered, stomaching the likes of tortures such as these for?

So that now women have the options, thanks to a sick fucking misogynistic medical establishment, to simply stop being women? Early feminism tried to warn us, teach us, inform us about the cunning of patriarchal systems which have led us through our internalize misogyny to identifying with patriarchy.

Feminism today is teaching us to screw identifying with men, we can leap forward and now become men! We need not fight and struggle for equal pay and equal rights, we can have those things and more if we simply relinquish being women! And since there is no talk and no pride and no hope for being women, when relinquished, do we even know what it is exactly that we've lost???? Moreover, do we even care?

I dont know about you, but I care. I want to know. I need to know. In fact I want all women to know, even those reliquishers.



  1. God, that comment is just repulsive. At least she admits to experiencing male privilege, though. I recently finished reading a book by an FTM who said she hadn't recognized any male privilege in her life, then went on to mention that she could walk down the street at night after her "transition", alone and unafraid, in the same chapter! Then there was the part of the book in which she talked about being able to sit topless in a public place without being bothered...the cluelessness was just surreal.

  2. Thanks for the insightful post, and this blog. You have a clear voice for all that women could be without the patriarchy to hobble us.

    Janice Raymond years ago wrote about the Transsexual Empire as another way patriarchy and woman-hating men would try to erase womankind. She was resoundingly excoriated as politically incorrect for what was really her honesty and brilliant analysis. Now her work on that topic reads like prophecy. Curse the darkness? Yes. Mary Daly, one of Janice Raymond's teachers, has written books about invoking the spiritual power of Nemesis for bringing down the evils of what another of Daly's students, Sonia Johnson, called "manunkind." Why not try it? None of the feminist ways of physical political activism to change the system ever work because the system is run by men who daily media-poison the minds of the majority of relatively "free" women in those parts of the world where war-rape doesn't result in utter degradation and forced motherhood. Perhaps those who "get it" --- because it is so difficult to be positioned to "get it" as women with the onslaughts against us --- owe our sisters a spiritual practice designed to curse the patriarchy to a speedy oblivion.