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Monday, November 16, 2009

Mtf MAN miffed much? or Men just being Men?

While I have seen a bit of the recent motion-commotion in the women-who-have-the-common-sense-to-see-that-men-who-estrogenate-their-male-bodies-then-mutilate-their-peens-into-monstrosities-aren't-women-anymore-than-women-who-testosteronate-their-bodies-then-have-their-breast-butchered-off-aren't-men-and-have-the-courage-to-say-so blogosphere, I admit to only mildly watching from afar.

But given that this fell into my lap this morning I thought I'd have a little say about it myself. What can I really say here other than this so soooooo typically fucking male. Brian here is mad because a handful of women handed him his ass repeatedly so now he's going to go to some old post in another Mtf dudes blog and link the women he blames for holding up a reality mirror in hopes other Mtf dudes will run to our blogs, attack us and rescue him from the mean ladies. Gimme a fucking break! What fucking grade is this guy in?

Brian, reality check, you are not lynn conway and we are not Michael Bailey, nice try though. Now back to your regularly schedule blog...


ps I do appreciate being held in such high company though.

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  1. Zoe holds the title as the internet’s ugliest man wishing on a star to be a woman.

    Personally, I am glad the list is growing. Used to, women were afraid to call people like Zoe out. No more. Tired of the erasure.


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