Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mike Penner: another trans guy murdered with the help of the medical establishment and the trans community

This is how Mike Penner closed his seemingly hopeful "coming out" story when he first decided to go public with his "transition" a few years ago. Soon afterward he was hoisted onto the shoulders of the "trans" community and hailed an immediate "trans" sensation.

Jump forward to earlier this year and the "trans" community was singing a different tune when Mike Penner decided to "de-transition" and reverted back to his actual name/natural male self.

Having received emails from some who have also "de-transitioned" and had phone conversations with a few, I've been told how cold, horrible and viscous the "trans" community has been to those no longer "approved" of. And "de-transitioning" is NOT "approved" by the "trans" community. It may give people "ideas" to follow suit. Something HIGHLY frowned upon in the "trans" community. Many that have worked to deal with their issues, come to their senses and "de-transition" have been a part of the "trans" community for a number of years, sometimes decades. These folks receive more pressure from within the "trans" community to "stay trans" they have said, than the pressures they felt when they first began "transition" from their friends and families. And many having lost friends and family through "transition" believed the new relationships they forged within the "trans" community were their "new family". Instead what they quickly find is their "trans" family places much more conditions on friendship/love than any they had ever known.

This is exactly what Mike Penner found out and one has to wonder did it contribute to this:

This is only one tragic case, and we only know about this one because Mike Penner was a public figure. If you listen to the roar coming from the "trans" community all you will hear is how "happy" they are after(note: there is no AFTER) "transition". Between the shame of family's who have had "trans" loved ones who have committed suicide and the near insane tight lipped concealment the "trans" community keeps its closed painted mouths around, we will likely never know exactly how many "successful" "transitioners" wind up suicides.

a sad and sickened
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  1. Holy shit! Thank you for sharing this news, Dirt. I remember hearing this person on NPR a few years ago--the sports writing is an interesting twist to the MtF story! No matter what we think about SRS, I remember thinking how much COURAGE it must've taken to come out to all those sports fans!! It is truly tragic that he should feel so hopeless. I believe this is an EXCELLENT ILLUSTRATION of why we should be actively NORMALIZING GENDER FLUIDITY, rather than advocating for medical solutions to gender dissonance.

  2. I just saw this news earlier. How very sad -- and something so many of us have been and/or continue to be vulnerable to!

    There IS hope for happy living, when we truly are able to be ourselves -- but not when we can't see out of living under the pressures from straight or trans community to be them, instead.

  3. Very true Nat, very true. This community has become detrimental to the gay and lesbian community, poisoning us with its self hatred.


  4. I have heard of cases where folks reverted back. I think there was a husband/wife case, where one transitioned, then the other transitioned, then they both transitioned back, but not just them, other cases too...if I can find 'em, I'll post 'em. But this was not the only situation. It's made things weirder and weirder, such that I've heard rumblings in the past not just from Dykes, but even from gay men, that maybe we should emphasize our HOMOSEXUALITY, and cut out the trans movement....but ah...there are too many grants being given out to give those mutilating themselves their 'rights'.