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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Has the Dirtster injured the delicate feelers of an ftM woman?

Fair use capped from a LOCKED post at an ftM women's community at live journal.

Dear ftM woman/person,

I'm not here to hurt your feelings, I am here however to expose the truths, lies and impossibilities of "transition". I am here to expose the misogyny that IS the core and foundation of "transition" and expose how that core/foundation perpetuates and harms ALL women, all of us.

I'm here to write about, discuss, rant, rave and scream at the tops of my lungs all the wonderfulness's of woman, of being a woman. This supreme being, this ultimate comfort that each and every one of us seek, want and need our WHOLE lives through regardless of any barriers. If you dared to look a little further here, this blog I'm speaking, what you would see is between each and every line I write, is my love, care and utter devotion to woman and women.

And so I am also here to defend her, woman that is, from the make up wearing masked invaders bursting in as well as all those beating her door down to leave, beating her in the process. Some days that takes the form of humour, some days intellectualism, other days assholism, and other days still, the very breadth of my heart.

I wouldnt expect for a moment that you or any person who has went to some lengths, any lengths of trannification for that matter or any totally enmeshed with trannifiers to understand what I'm saying. But I'm here to tell you I am not screaming for you or them or those like you and them,

I scream only for HER!



  1. I hear ya Dirt, I hear ya..and I feel that inside my soul and in my heart, and every breath of my Butch Dyke body, soul and keep saying it, embodying it...and showing your love for women who LOVE themselves and other women as women, and especially as Butch Females/women/Dykes.....

    Most of these young uns have NEVER been in womon only space, like Michfest, or even a show or ritual, or anything else. They don't know the POWER of Dyke/Women's space and how we can truly inhabit ALL of our being without feeling like we gotta act a certain way around males, or imitate them. They don't know what they're giving up and compromising. They have no clue.

    But, we'll keep working at cluing 'em in. Cuz they'll NEVER,EVER,EVER no matter how hard they try be part of the boys' club. They have a dirty little secret that if the boys really catch on....would annihilate them.


  2. I cant imagine how horrific it must be to live such a HUGE lie every second of everyday of the rest of your life. Nor equally imagine watching one's "loved" ones perpetuating that lie furthering their illness. By that time even if one came to ones senses, with those around them pushing them forward how can they at that point raise their hands and say "no"?



  3. Exactly, dirt. They demand that everyone play along with them, but then when they change their minds, there's nowhere to turn because all the friends and family they've kept around them have done nothing but enable them.

    I was advising someone the other day, whose friend is about to undergo transition, to make her opposition known now, so that when this poor woman changes her mind, she'll know which of her friends she can go to for solace. It damn sure won't be the ones throwing her a parade now as she prepares for a mastectomy and god only knows whatever other butchery she's about to be subjected to.


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