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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fear and the Failed Identity of Transmen

From a comment left for my blog made by an ftM woman.

In a nutshell this is the typical comment I usually receive from your typical ftM woman.

First they make some sort of unmistakable over sexist remark in order to establish a divide/hierarchy between them and me. This is done for two reasons: 1) this helps reinforce their faux "male" identities through the use of male/female sexism. As in if they treat me (a self described Butch woman) in a sexist fashion they believe in their own warped way that that defaults them to "male". 2) After establishing through the hetero-patriarchal-binary sexist system that they are not women and I am a woman, they believe through their thick internalize misogyny that they can then use my femaleness as an insult against me. Clearly this is a big fail all the way 'round because while they may drug and mutilate themselves into something away from your average woman in the streets, they cannot drug and mutilate themselves into actual men. And because I am not a self hating female, being called some sort of "woman" isn't an insult whatsoever.

Second, come the remark/s about how crazy I am and how I am in need of mental help as well as something usually about my "anger" issues. These remarks are the typical projection line of defense towards what write. Rather than face up and deal with their own misogynistic mentality that has them actually PAYING someone to remove normal HEALTHY breasts from their female bodies, then drug themselves for the rest of their lives, its easier to project their anger and self hatred towards me.

Last, we get something to do with my intelligence on the matter or according to the ftM women, my lack thereof. A fear based response made to discredit the truths I publicly make. Easier to write me off as a crack-pot because they cannot argue with the truth, nor does their self created identity have the capacity to withstand any notions that are not 200% in their disordered favours.


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  1. Wow, genius, you've invented a whole group of people that do not exist in reality. FTMs are men, and we all know that, except apparently your uneducated ass. A self-identifed butch woman would have no problem with transmen unless it threatened her sense of masculinity. Waawahh for you. Most butch women are just fine with transmen, you are the oddball. You remind me of those homophobes to "protest too much," in response to their own homosexual feelings. Perhaps you are more "trans" than you are mature enough to deal with.


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