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Monday, November 30, 2009

Breast Objectification-Breast Binding

Snapped up from several ftM women's forums.

It might very well be the first body shame a female learns and learns usually before she can form her first complete sentence. Breast shame. Before we can speak we're taught directly by our mothers and fathers and indirectly by society that our breast (even at age 2) are something to cover/hide, sending the message they're something to be ashamed of.

Then, before we have the abilities, the maturity, the wisdom to work through that shame, our breast are seized and sexualized by patriarchy's objectifying masturbatory gaze, a gaze we then interiorize! And by our interiorization of the male gaze WE become male gazers ourselves, of ourselves, objectifying ourselves for ourselves for men!

Our female childhoods are so completely saturated with patriarchy's systematic cues and messages both subtle and overt that we see our breasts as sexual objects created solely for the pleasures of men before they even develop! We learn based on our familial backgrounds to either hide them once developed or utilize them like pieces of meat to be sold at market day, whored to put it simply.

In polite society women are gawked at, harangued and sometimes arrested for publicly using their breast for their biologically intended purpose, bonding with and feeding their child. Men have so wisely tried to halt that insanity with the neato invention of the baby bottle and baby formula. A convenient contrivance employed to sever women's natural instincts while at the same time reiterating to women that their breast are for men's sexual lusts only. It is also in this severing that women first become severed from each other. Were mother's encouraged to bond with their female children through breast feeding, those plummetless developed bonds would later be sought after and found with other women, rather than the divide men have created through their use of female competition for male approval. Were women allowed their natural instincts there would be no need for male approval.

In our current post-modernistic queer theoried populace, with feminism long out of our sights and our of minds, breasts are more sexualized, objectified and shame based than ever. And if you think for a moment I'm exaggerating about the shame, read the comments in the cap. It reads like a modern day foot binding gripe, painful but necessary.

What century is this again?



  1. Damn it sounds EXACTLY like whale bone corseting done in the 1800's to get a woman more properly feminine, or like in the mid 1900's, that feminine hourglass figure. It's like the mirror twisted opposite of that. They're doing EXACTLY what those women were doing to feminize themselves, except in this case, giving into the shame around breasts by controlling their unrulyness, and causing themselves the SAME symptoms of those who corsetted themselves into sickness. It's almost like a feminine vain behavior to try to appear more masculine. But real men don't have to worry about such things. Maybe gay boys obssess this way, like alot of straight women do, and it's like these are all doing that same kind of body obssession, instead of letting 'em flow freely. I rarely wear a bra, and I have big breasts, except when it comes to jobs. I can't wait to get the binders off(as I call 'em, in this case sports bras), and be free.

    I've got asthma, and I'm not jeopardizing that or my heart health for ANYONE'S beauty standard. Hell, that's why I thought we were BUTCH. So we didn't have to do all that body obssession, and could just freely be ourselves. And they consider that bullshit LIBERATION? PLease!

    I felt the same shame in puberty around my breasts, and they grew quite I was doubly shamed. I don't have pancake tits, and can't pass in any manner. But through strong Butch role models that were PROUD to be female and into Goddess spirituality and Feminist to at least some extent, they taught me I could be PROUD to be the kind of natural female I am today, a BUTCH DYKEAMAZON!!! YEAH!

    On the other hand, once in a female environment, I dispense with a shirt altogether! No, I don't want my breasts sexualized by men in any manner. I just want 'em to be free to the wind, and left alone. And my partner loves my big breasts, but not in some kind of weird way, cuz she's Butch too. She understands.

    Damn, these Butches gotta give up these hangups, and alot of it is about being DEFINED by and for men. Instead of by and for OURSELVES!

    You are so right on in posting this b.s. and bringing it to light. And the whole thing about the narcissism surrounding the trans movement as a whole, whether MTF, FTM or genderqueer. It is NOT an empowering movement for ANY Butch alive.

  2. MA,

    The trans community is misogyny made real through body mutilation. The trans community and its enablers are a symptom and sickness of patriarchy's pathological hatred of women and its desires both conscious and unconscious to destroy us.


  3. This information about the dangers of binding, and where possible photographs of the damages caused by binding, need to be circulated widely so that all those young 'queer' things can see the reality of "gender variance" in action.

    FA x

  4. In ways I agree with you. I think its wrong that people think that breasts should be hidden, but only in a sense that they should be covered with clothing. And some methods of binding are not very wise ways of doing so but I don't think something as professional as the underworks ones would do that. Unless if someone is wearing multiple underworks binders or getting one that puts pressure on them. I also think it's dumb to bind 24/7, but that's just my personal opinion.


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