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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Would we REALLY want THEM, on our Team anyways???

Since I am a Butch woman, and since this subject seems to come up quite often in Femme/Butch circles I thought I would address it here. The subject of which I am speaking is often referred to as the "flight of the Butch lesbian", the flight being Butch women who "transition" into faux "men".
As an expert who fully understands the issues that put women on the road to trannifying and as someone who has written extensively on the subject previously, I will only touch upon those issues with this particular post.

In a nutshell, the majority of lesbians who "transition" are NOT Butch lesbians, but tweener dykes calling themselves "butch" out of ignorance, envy and confusion. And ya cant get more confused than believing you are something that you are not, which makes the slide into trannifying all the more easy for these women! Thats not to say there aren't plenty O Butch women who trannify as well, sadly there is. The primary reason any lesbian trannifies though is plain and simple misogyny. There are a host of other pathological disorders that also contribute to trannification based on the personal histories of each woman's life.

But whether we are talking about specific Butch women or other lesbians who "transition", let me ask you this: Given that we ALL suffer under patriarchal systems that harm us as women, given that we ALL have internalized misogyny, given that we ALL have had our share of difficult personal histories, not all of us "transition"! In fact most of us do not, nor would we even contemplate such nonsense! Imagine the fucked upness, the absolute HATE HATE HATRED of women and women's bodies these "transitional" women hold!!!!!!

Even if they did not "transition" are these the women, the lesbians, we as radical lesbians would really want on our team????

My personal response is a big FUCK NO!

dirt-a Butch who loves HERself and other WOmen!

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dirt! Well, it looks like the so called 'Female identified Butches who use female pronouns' group is imploding because said 'fearless' leader of the group is a truly 'failed' FTM herself. That is, I remember several years ago my Butch partner and I were at a meeting where said 'fearless' leader announced proudly as she pulled up her shirt in a women only meeting that she had her surgery and showed her breastless chest. Like this is something to brag about? Then that summer, we were following a young thing that had the word "Butch" on her back, thinking 'how brave for a butch dyke to reveal herself in a mixed crowd at Pride'. When she turned around, it was the same breastless individual...

    Fast forward several years later, and now the LAST of the Butches OUT LOUD AND PROUD, the fiercest of women, the dykeyist of Dykes, us Female Centered and PROUD Butches are being coopted by the FTM and GENDERQUEER led conference 'Butch Voices' which includes anyone but us, and the one workshop is led by an FTM with her scratchy voice and breastless body(by choice, not by disease), who is now a 'female identified butch', has decided very dictatorially that this 'Female identified' Butch group will be 'inclusive', and that it will be whether we like it or not, affiliated with the trans and genderqueer led 'Butch Voices' Conference which openly discriminated against us and censored our workshops as well. Many of us Female Identified Butches put in for workshops, myself included to give workshops SPECIFICALLY for Female Identified Butches, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, was rejected in that, for some young 30 something upstart who has allowed the patriarchy to fill her body by taking hormones, chopping off her breasts, and now wants to take over what little territory we have left?

    What fucking cooptation! It's no different than a man leading a sexual harassment workshop for tradeswomen(yes this did happen and I was in it, unfortunately), or men speaking for women, instead we got FTM's or truly 'failed' FTM's who regret their transition taking over our Female Centered, Female Identified Butch networking, and telling us how it's gonna be and who we are gonna affiliate with whether we like it or not?????HMMMMM sounds like male cooptation.

    So, a few friends and I are going to vote with our feet, and have come to the conclusion for all the genderqueers, all the confused, all the ex-FTMS who want to rip off what little we have left of our Female Identified Butch culture and suck the life out of us without giving anything back(sound familiar? Sounds like M E N)
    that indeed, with so called 'friends' like that who needs enemies?

    FTM's are NOT Butches, neither are Genderqueers..and yet they INSIST on our label while going ahead and using all those male pronouns, and then they insist on what little space we have left, or that they ALLOW us....fuck 'em, who needs 'em?

  2. Thanks for the update MA. Keep me posted! The fact that Butches have actually call themselves "female Id'd" to me is fucking ridiculous! But thats how fucked up shit is with all the retarded trans shit co opting us and our language. Stick to your guns, rid your communities of these leeches. Butches are taking back the fucking streets!



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