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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Trasition of the Mind

Here are five comments I have received to this blog in the last two days by an ftM woman I wanted to share. Rather than they be buried by publishing them to the posts they were commented to, I feel it better serves the public to have them collected, capped and posted up front.

While I do not feel all ftM women share the same degree of mental instability that our commentor here has displayed, I do believe their level of misogyny similar, even when it remains unspoken. Where there is no misogyny, there are no ftM women period!

Regarding this particular ftM woman, she clearly is one very disturbed woman. And the level of hatred towards myself and other women rises between the first two comments which where yesterday and the last three which were early this morning. Dare I surmise someone took their "T" shot between both sets of comments??? I think so!

Women's systems are not cut out to process high levels of testosterone (our ovaries produce only small amounts) anymore than men's systems can process steroids. Because steroids have been primarily taken by men, we have a thousand and one studies on and know exactly how these drugs affect mind and mood, NOT just the external body. With the women out there mainlining "T", because they are females, because they are such a tiny fringe group and because we exist under patriarchal systems that put women's lives and health last, there are no such detailed studies. There is also the issue of mythomania (pathological lying) that all "trans" individuals suffer that make even the meager attempts at medical studies even more difficult. If one cannot logically acknowledge ones own nature clearly staring back at oneself from ones own mirror, one cannot logically expect to receive truthful answers when questioned about that nature.

I was a casual online friend some years ago with a Femme who "married" an ftM woman. Shortly after the "marriage" the ftM partner began mentally abusing said Femme(which the femme hid), some time after that physically abusing said Femme(which the femme hid), and some time after that murdered said Femme(only then was it all in the open). It came out during trial that the strangulation occurred on the day the ftM had her "T shot". Now that could totally be a coincidence, but personally I do not believe so. And sadly as I said there are no studies to back up my belief. I tell you this not as a claim that all women who are hooked on "T" are abusive or murderers, they aren't. Most are confused, sad, depressed self haters looking for help anywhere they can find it. But there is this false notion springing from the "trans" community in general that these hormonal drugs are merely being used to change the body into something "trans" people can better live with. There is little other than more false notions about what these heavy drugs actually do to the physical brain.

Because the mind is viewed by most "trans" individuals as something not produced by their PHYSICAL brain, most do not comprehend themselves the extent these strong hormonal drugs are altering their brains thereby altering their minds. Sadly in order to maintain the lie, co dependents of "trans" individuals lie or say nothing about these mental and mood changes apparent thou they are. Not so coincidentally like pedophiles looking for that specific boy or girl so to does the "trans" person when looking for mates or friends. You'll notice regardless of how much a friend or family member loves and cares and has proven their love in the past, even with that, if those persons do not go along with the "trans" lie they are the first to be excised from the "trans" persons life. This happens usually after the introduction of the mind altering hormonal drugs with the insistence on the "trans" persons part that "I'm the same person on the inside, nothing has changed". When in fact the REAL changes occurring from taking these drugs takes place "inside" much more than any of the physical changes taking place outside.

The fact is drugs like "T" DO change the brain, drugs like "T" do change the mind and drugs like "T" do change the individual, and many times not for the best.

I leave you with a case in point.


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  1. To Dirt,
    Keep on keeping on. I'm absolutely disgusted by what the above individual said about you. Failed FTM my ass...they want to JUSTIFY all the horrible surgeries and hormones they are taking by trying to get the rest of us who question them on the bandwagon.

    This asshole sounds like a misogynist rapist, very much like that individual who killed that woman who was on B/F. com I had some femme dyke friends of mine who also were on B/ at the same time, and they were absolutely terrified by the censorship of the situation, the response, that they NEVER wanted anything to do with B/ ever again...many, many refugees who think like you and I do, both Butch and Femme, from B/

    I want to let you know, since the misogynist and FTM/Genderqueer led Butch Voices conference held here in MY town, Oakland, CA, there was ONLY ONE workshop for Female identified Butches led by an ex-FTM! It is why I only attended the tail end of the workshop. So they want to infiltrate EVERYTHING, even female-identified Butch space.

    A meeting has come out of it, and this individual wants it to be under the rubric of Butch Voices, but many of us have objected to that, because we felt Butch Voices didn't represent us as Female identified Female pronoun using Butches, and that it actively censored our workshops for Female identified butches. I found out at least 5-6 of us had workshops declined and censored...ALL LOCAL MEMBERS, INCLUDING MYSELF, OF THE OAKLAND COMMUNITY OF BUTCH DYKES!

    We're NOT like San Francisco, grand central station of trannyfication. I can't even go to women's events in SF anymore, cuz they've been so infiltrated by the stompede of FTM's and MTF's, there's more of them now at so called "Women's' events, which allow 'past, present and future females', than there is of us bio female DYKES and BUTCHES!

    But, there are holdouts, strong holdouts in Oakland. We've always been more Dyke identified in the East Bay, and we're doing our best to hold onto what territory we still have. There will be some fireworks at the group come next Tuesday because it's being led by an ex-FTM, somebody that Butch Voices put in charge, someone compliant to their genderqueer/ftm agenda to erase us Bio-Female Female proud Butches...while wanting to consider THEMSELVES Butches, while wanting to be 'dudes'. Well, honey, ya can't have it both ways.

    There are plants as well in the group, who want it to be for the 'queerlygendered/genderqueer', when the REASON we came together was for OUR OWN space, as Female Identified Butches.

    But, we're standing strong, and won't give in so easily. There are backup plans as well.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, know that you are NOT alone, and that us FEmale identified Butches are on the rise...WE WON'T BE SILENCED ANYMORE, as we see our youth all wanting to become 'male' and take hormones and have their breasts removed. How do I know our so-called illustrious leader is FTM, other than her attitude, her dress, and her posing? Cuz both my partner and I remember the day she lifted up her shirt in a women's organization and proudly showed off her breastless chest, and HOW PROUD she was of that! I guess she's changed her mind...but she dresses so conservatively, like most of the genderqueer/ftm types do, that she hides that fact....but she's got the FTM scratchy voice still..that hormone induced voice is still with her...

    Anyway keep on keeping on! There's hope, as long as we continue the struggle, for ourselves, and for the Butch youth who will be coming after us, if we can convince at least some of them NOT to transition, and to have pride in their FEMALE bodies, minds, spirits, and sex!

    -In DykeAmazon Sisterhood,

  2. Dirt and Master Amazon, this is so inspiring to read. Thanks to both of you.

    War against the Female is everywhere.

  3. WOW! That woman was off her rocker in a major way. Yes, that woman, since the thought of being a woman seems to drive her bats hit, lets just keep reminding her that she’s a woman and one that’s crazy. I knew it though, a lot of this transition stuff is steeped in misogyny. I knew it because I once got into an argument with a bunch of FTM's on a message board who were TOTALLY offended by my referring to them as FTM's. This had to be the stupidest thing I ever heard, are you serious? You’re an FTM but I am Tran phobic because I am referring to you as an FTM? I wasn’t doing it anyway disrespectful, but to them the fact that I acknowledge that they were once female is disrespectful. Which of course, offends me, because what the hell is wrong with being female (of course no one cared that I was offended. I’m cisprivileged ). How can you be offended by my acknowledging that you are and FTM, which you totally are? Yet these were not gay male FTM'S, these were FTM's who dated WOMEN. I couldn’t understand why they couldn’t see the almost comedic Irony in this. You hate being a woman yourself and just my referring to you as a person who was once a women sends you into fits of rage, but you enjoy dating women, why? Oh because women are great to fuck and not to be, I guess they really are men because they have the mentality down perfectly.

    You make me really glad I stuck to my guns. The whole website was nagging at me calling me Tranphobic, cisprivileged and some other imaginary shit that only made me laugh. Are you serious? I’m privileged because I have a vagina and I’m cool with that? I’m privileged because I’m part of an underclass that has been abused, ignored and thought despicable by just about every race, most cultures, nearly all major religions? I’m privileged because I’m not trying to escape the fact that I am a woman? HA! That’s a turtle, this is a pencil, you are a FTM. There just is no getting around that, so quit bitching about it. I hope whoever wrote you those comments get called a FTM till it drives her to the nut house. Yes, her, she had a vagina, she will forever and always be nothing more then a FTM in my book.


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