Saturday, October 31, 2009

ftM women and Pedophilia

Given that I know of such a case, (which I will write about in more detail in another post soon) I'm wondering what the numbers of sexually abused women who trannify are that become pedophiles themselves after taking testosterone?

Statistically a high percentage of males who have been sexually abused as boys become child molesters themselves. Statistically a high percentage of females who trannify have been sexually abused as girls. What happens when say a sexually abused girl, grows up to trannify due to her sexual abuse? What effect does the testosterone have on her sexually abused brain? How many sexually abused ftM women become pedophiles (or exhibit pedophilic behavior) from the effect of testosterone? How often has the "trans" community covered up and hidden these trans pedophiles from the rest of us?

The "trans" community does its best to hide from us just how mentally ill "trans" individuals are. Which is why I and anyone with intelligent outspoken views is hated and labeled "transphobic"(umm yeah like that's a REAL word) by the "trans" community. The "trans" community despises anyone who speaks the truth. They not only do not want actual help/treatment for the many mental maladies which led to their trannifying, they prefer keep those mental maladies firmly behind a closed gate. Which is precisely why it is so difficult to obtain any serious statistical truths regarding matters such as ftM pedophilia and the numbers of ftM pedophiles.

But as a lesbian who like it or not finds herself among the L's in the gLbt, I think it HIGHLY important that while actual numbers may be hidden, we at least pose the fucking question when women and children are at serious fucking stake!


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  1. Very interesting comment. Just today I heard of a case that was just the opposite, of an MTF in a power position over queer youth, that had some impropieties with them, possibly pedophilia. I don't trust ex-men to hang around youth of any sort...and yes, the same with FTM's not just the obssessive sex drive amped up through the use of testosterone, but the proneness to domestic violence over their intimate partners as well.