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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Butch "brothers"???

Butch "brothers" has sadly become a common way in Femme/Butch circles both online and off for Butch women to show solidarity/sisterhood among each other. But instead it only furthers Butch shame and Butch misogyny by masculinizing Butch relationships with other Butch women. This is a direct result of allowing/catering to the male-centric trannified women who after trannification continue to haunt our Femme/Butch communities insisting they are "men" and then using their new found "male" privilege to impose a patriarchal hierarchy with them (ftM women) being at the top.
Because of this male-centric imposed hierarchy even many Butch women who under any other company or circumstance, in Femme/Butch spaces are now calling themselves "male identified". Meaning they are insisting in Femme/Butch spaces male names/pronouns be applied to them. This is the new "trans-patriarchal" mentality of Femme/Butch that seemingly gives the (wo) "MEN" power over any woman who SEES herself AS a woman! The misogynistic insanity that is driving some women to drug and mutilate themselves into some faux "male" aberration is dictating in Femme/Butch spaces what it means to be a woman, what it means to be a man and who among us ARE women and men!
The fact is there are NO men in Femme/Butch spaces, because in order to legitimately be a Femme lesbian or a Butch lesbian one must be a woman! Now if there are lesbians in our Femme/Butch community insisting they are "men" or "he's" or "hims", lets show these woman haters the fucking door! There is no hierarchy in Femme/Butch, and when there is it isn't Femme/Butch. One can see why rad fem lez's do not want us in their army, why they assert Femme/Butch is a mimicry of hetero-ism, because currently it is! And as long as ftM women and "male ID'd" Butches are in our communities it is hetero-istic!
For every Butch woman that sees herself as a "brother", calls her fellow Butches "brothers" she is another Butch woman on the path to female destruction and shaming fellow Butches for being women.
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  1. Yep, we're fighting this fight right now, and a series of groups in Oakland are coming up for Female Identified Butches, whether they're involved with other Butches or Femmes. The same is true for Butch/Butch circles, and you're right...if they're Stone then one beyond that...FTM/Genderqueer, they're higher up on the hierarchy of macho 'maleness', than us Female Identified Butches...but you know, inside we're tougher, we're OURSELVES, and we're PROUD to be Female AND Butch!

    I'm feeling more and more uncomfortable with these Butches calling me 'Bro', 'Dude' or other such acronyms. The other Female Identified Butches don't do that... because there isn't the same impetus to 'prove' themselves as something male or macho....

    Accckkk.... I can't stand the testosterone poisoning in men, especially being in construction and seeing that hierarchy everyday, why would I want to see that in the Dyke community amongst Butches...or what's left of the Dyke community, which is laying in tatters for the new 'Genderqueer', 'Genderfucked', he, hym, transmasculine generation?

    Thanks but no thanks. I know I'm no 'dude', but why the fuck would I want to be one, when they've caused so much misery to the planet, to Dykes, to womyn as a whole? Is that all that's gonna be left of the Lesbian community, tweeners, and femmes and maybe a few very soft androgynous sort a Butches??? It's already happening. I'm seeing less and less Butches in Dyke and womyn only spaces, and more insistence of ANY womon only space being for Womyn and Trans, and much of those 'trans' are the new 'genderqueers', the 'new' definition of Butch...but really what it is, is the male definition of Butch, and not just hetero male, but almost a gay male queeny sensibility, not Dyke or womon centered Female empowered definition of strong, powerful, nonconforming womon loving womon, that is, Female Centered/Identified Butch..

    But, hey we're rising again! This ember you and I and others have been keeping, is starting to translate into a flame, and maybe a bonfire, and perhaps a Butch Dyke Revolution!
    -Taking Back our Identities and Communities, one Butch at a Time,

  2. Dirt, I love how you TELL it!!

    I'm no butch :( ...BUT if you haven't read Ariel Levy's Female Chauvinist Pigs you HAVE to check out this chapter on misogyny in the queer community:

    If that link/download doesn't work please let me know. I haven't perfected the formatting just yet. I scanned it b/c I'm starting a feminist reading group (please come discuss!!! and I hope to post this soon for general discussion.

    In sisterhood & solidarity,

  3. Here's another thing...check out The Cliks on Youtube...they're a well, maybe were, a woman only group, but the lead singer now is an FTM, but you look at this individual Lucas looks like an andro Butch with a very female face(and I assume breastless chest), no facial hair whatsoever, with femmes around 'hym'. Both as backup(not high femmes), and in the videos, some high femmes...

    And then it struck me what this transitioning business, or identifying with men and the FTM and genderqueer crap is all about...watching Lucas imitate kinda Mick Jagger, with the original Beatles kinda look, the androgynous sexist bisexual male rock star look and sexist attitude.

    They don't want to work for any Butch's freedom, or for womyn's freedom as a whole...they want to cut to the chase, have the surgeries, and the hormones and th attitude and the sexism of men, in other words, do whatever it takes to 'become men', and have the privileges of men, no matter how many of their dyke sisters, bio females, femmes or others they leave behind, and then go treat those very same womyn just as sexist as the menz do. Better to identify and BECOME the enemy, than change their minds....

    It's all the posturing, all the glam, with none of the substance. I look at Lucas and I see a young 20, 30 something androgynous Butch. Not even a hardcore Butch, a REAL Butch, like Dirt here...someone who could never really make it as Butch in fact, who goes to becoming a 'man' or imitating one, and in the most sexist ways to somehow hope by doing so they'll take on male privilege.

    Hell, just give the privileges without having to do harm to my body! Give it up guys! We're equals, or have you never heard of feminism?

    Lucas isn't macho. Lucas is an imitation. If Lucas could just OWN both the masculine and feminine sides of hirself/hymself, then more power to ya...but to act like Mick Jagger to the women's you're no better than a common prick!
    No Butch bud of mine!!


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