Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Women's Expo

Sorry for my absence, working on a few posts, I'll have them out there soon. Just wanted to post a little something to let you know the dirtster is still kickin and to lightly touch upon something from my day yesterday.

Went to the Women's Expo with 2 of my nieces and a handful of girls under age 10. If you've never been to one, Womens Expo's consist of all different kinds of venders promoting various foods/products geared towards women. One guy was handing out samples of "womens bread" and offered me a sample saying "go ahead I tried it wont do anything bad to us men"! Apparently he thought I was a dude! Sheesh! Oh the invisibility of Butch women!!!!! Would have thought I was safe in a "WOMENS" expo but no!

But I digress, there is a stage in the sports area the expo was held at which had when we first walked in, had a "jazzercise" class going on, showing the audience how their program works. Okay, fine and dandy. I can live with jazzercise. Nothing wrong with women exercising through jazz steps and aerobics in order to stay fit/healthy. My issue is what came after the jazzercise class, POLE DANCING 101!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kid you fucking not! We are at a Womens Expo, supposedly created to promote confidence, power, equality, health, well being, strength etc albeit through consumerism, but none the less, and one of the main functions is POLE DANCING!!!! WHA???

A pole was even ushered onto the stage! Im curious how many different ways do women need to be taught to perform for the male gaze? And how many different ways do women need to be told their only worth is through their performing for the male gaze???? What the fuck is next, Prostitution for beginners? Strip you way to a sexier you? What? And the really appalling thing was, women/girls from the audience were asked to come up and every single girl that was with us BEGGED to go up there! And believe me you, the dirtster explicitly forbade it! No little niece of mine is going to start pole dancing at age 5!!!!!!!!

Is it just me or has the whatever wave of feminism we've been waiting for, went out with the fucking tide???


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