Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Trans Community and Misogyny

In the last week I have read in two different "trans" lists (one an "academic" list btw) what amounts to "misogyny" being described as a "myth"!!! Both lists are made up of Mtf men and the females of men aka ftM women. Not so surprisingly in both lists dozens of the foM exclaimed how much they "love women", while a couple of Mtf men mentioned they couldnt be "misogynists" either because they want so much to "be women".

If you have ever questioned the authenticity and severity of misogyny which exists under all patriarchal systems, one merely has to look to the "trans" community for verifiable proof!!!! The simple truth is, if misogyny did not exist, there would be no "trans" community. Granted, subtracting misogyny wouldn't subtract the multitude of other disorders the general "trans" person suffers, but it would guarantee the "trans" disorder wouldn't be among them.

Hell, from the vantage point of women alone, how can one remotely hypothesize misogyny as a "myth" when this very second women professionals are issuing prescription drugs and surgeries aimed and fired at the complete destruction of women and women's bodies? When there are large communities created for the sole purpose of destroying women and women's bodies? When there are women "supporting" the destruction of other women and other women's bodies? And worst of all these "supporters" are the women so deluded into believing what they are "supporting" is the "choice" other women are making about there bodies through feminism!!!! WHA?? Where the hell are the true feminist who would be fighting tooth and nail for the lives, body and soul of these victimized women? And victims they are, victims of patriarchy so steeped and entrenched in their own pathological self hatred, they seek total obliteration of their female lives/bodies.

No women who destroys herself as a women, who supports in any way, shape or form the destruction of another women or who does nothing while women are being destroyed or are destroying themselves can truly say and mean they "love women"! If you cannot love yourself as a woman, you can NEVER truly love another women!

I am a women
I love myself
I love women



  1. I wholeheartedly agree, Dirt. The idea that a male can be made female by male-concocted drugs and surgery is pure misogyny, as is, of course, the idea that destroying that which is female creates maleness.

    I honestly don't know what to say about women who stand by and let girlfriends mutilate themselves in pursuit of a delusion. How can women enable this butchery and call it "love" and "support" for the women they claim to care about? What kind of woman stands by while her girlfriend drugs and deforms herself, let alone actually encourages such self-hatred? It baffles me, really.

  2. If you watch those shows on Logo(and they have plenty) of the FTM's, that were former Butch Lesbians, with a Lesbian partner transitioning to male as 'he' gets happier and happier at looking more male in the mirror, from changing a name and modes of dress, to taking hormones, to then the surgeries, the female partner starts looking sadder and sadder...and cries more and more, because not only is she losing her woman, she's losing her Lesbian status too. Some stay with their partners, but most leave sooner or later, because the transitioning partner gets so self-absorbed in their appearance, that it REALLY doesn't matter what the other person thinks. They're happy with their change, their partner didn't sign up for that, and isn't.After all, she's a DYKE dammit!

    And then, because of said misogyny, and what all this transitioning stuff does to their brain, alot of the FTM's then start doing men. IT all gets so very confusing for them. But one of the reasons I see for the FTM's doing men, is not only are they constantly horny thru the 'T' which amps up their sex drive, the gay/bi men that go for them will support them in their new 'male' identity and worship of men and manhood, while simultaneously taking advantage of them.....
    I've seen it way too much in SAn FRancisco, and on sites I'm on all the time...and it just sickens me.

    A handsome Butch, now considering doing guys, who previously only was with lesbians/women before.

  3. So, i just got banned for posting a link on a b-f website that used you "dirtywhiteboi" as an example of a troll. I was appalled that it was an actual user name for someone and made that statement. Ironically, it was on a thread regarding censorship. Funny, huh?

    It's ok, i was soon to be banned for asking why "men" felt the need to claim "butch" anyway.

    Still seeking a community of women who live the butch-femme dynamic in it's glory and not as some sort of neuvo acceptance piece to allow men into womens space. I kinda figure.. if someone is a "man" and fights to be that, then why be "butch" and still claim dual privilege?