Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dirt-Failed ftM or Proud Butch Woman?

Since this seems to come up again and again I thought I'd write a little something about it. For about the last five or so years, since becoming vocal about the real truth behind trannyism I have been called by many a "trans" person either a "failed ftM" or an "ftM in denial" or something along those lines. What I have always found interesting is these statements only confirm everything I have written regarding the "trans" disorder/"trans" view.

The ftM women making such accusations cannot understand how a woman can look like me and NOT want to be a man! Which clearly indicates their complete faithfulness to a strict adherence of the female/male binary. In their disordered, blurred minds there is only a narrow way to be female or male and if you exist doing female or male differently, in order to justify their mistakes and assuage their fears about their mistake, they MUST see a woman like me as a "failed ftM".
Because if a Butch woman like myself feels content and often proud of her Butch woman self then something just might be rotten in ftMville!

The odd thing about these kinds of statements is clearly, I'm Butch, which statistically means there isn't much chance of me trannifying period. Until the recent influx of the young straight girls obsessed with anime who are now seeking "transition", most ftM women have been and are tweener dykes. One thing you don't see much of in the ftM community is Butch ftMs. Hence the reason there is that persistent whine coming from the ftM community regarding "passing". "I've been on T a year and I still don't pass full-time what can I do?" "I've been on T 5 months and people still think I'm a woman" "How long do I have to be on T before people start seeing me as male?" etc etc etc...Umm I'm not on T (other than the real T my ovaries kick out) and I pass 24/7 and no I am not flat chested and no I of course do not "bind". I'm Butch and Butch women pass a great deal of the time. And this "passing" isn't a desirable state, it hurts us and it invisiblizes us and personally I hate it.

Something else I find interesting about this is how much ftM women struggle to be like men. In my own experience I have always had males trying to be like me. Drove me crazy growing up! Even now I still get men at my gym telling me they wish they had my "strength" or my "build"! Just last year I had to start dodging this one particular guy who wanted me to "teach" him how to be "cool like you"! Ridiculous! But such is the life of a true Butch. This I believe at least within the Femme/Butch community also contributes to ftMism. There are always these groups of tweener types hanging about the Femme/Butch community thinking or pretending they are Butch. These are the types who end up transitioning, not the Butches! They are so envious of us Butches they believe they can somehow one up us by But guess what girls, trannifying doesnt make you Butch! Butches are born, not made!

Its pretty rare to find a Butch who has ever slept with a male, not true of the general ftM woman. Most have had their pussys pounded by dudes and most after transition get their pussys or asses pounded by dudes again. The general ftM usually at a certain point in their transition starts wanting to be fucked by men again or starts dating other ftMs or wanting to. I'm a Butch lesbian whose pee pee gets hot only from the spark of a Femme. I have played football with males, I have played basketball with males, I have been shot at with males, jumped by other males with males, picked up women with males but I have NEVER wanted to fuck a male!

While also on this "ftM in denial" subject let me address the consensus who believe I have "anger" Lets see, women are brutally subjugated, abused, raped, murdered, objectified into plastic, mutilated, controlled, sexually abused, expect to serve males, expected to jump when a man says jump, stoned to death, viewed as less than human, earn less money, are totally responsible for children, totally responsible for house work, totally responsible for mens pleasures, needs, wants, desires, are told by men they are too fat, too thin, too ugly, too stupid, too low class, too uneducated, need bigger breast, need tighter pussies, arent real women unless they dress this way or that, arent as strong as men, arent as smart as men, arent as successful as men....I could go on with this building a blog that would reach the fucking heavens and continue on. So yes, given that how is it possible I ask you to be a woman, be alive, see and NOT be angry!

There arent "failed ftMs" there are only women who have failed themselves and failed each other!

I myself am not among them!


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  1. Thanks sweets! You should be doing something similar! Start your blog. I can help you if you arent sure how. And I know you have plenty to be writing about!


  2. Amen. Few things make this femme as angry or disgusted as hearing butch women being made to feel like they should transition, or even having to deal with the assumption that they will transition "eventually." As if butch wasn't good enough, or is just a phase along the way. Aargh!

    Butch women are a rare and amazing gift from God!

  3. Ooh, also, it seems to me that comments and accusations like that coming from FtMs just show how insecure they are--they can't really deal with anyone who doesn't conform to their rigid gender binary, and it threatens them when a woman is more (naturally) masculine than they are.

  4. I'm really grateful that there are super masculine women in the world, women who aren't afraid to be imaginative in bed, butch women who appreciate their femmes, who can cum while having their cock sucked, who practically pass out while watching their butch cock slide between their femme's tits, thighs, ass and long red nailed fingers. I thank god every day for making butches, for making those special beings who do not wish to be a man, but specifically choose to remain the women they were born. I praise, adore and protect those butch women who hold their head up high each time they correct a sales clerk when called "sir" yet lustfully grab their femme by the hair while she utters those same words. It is beyond bravery, beyond feminism, beyond chivalrous, beyond gender, beyond sensual, beyond honorable, beyond a treasure to be a butch women and for me it is pure joy and a gift to have my butch beside me, inside me, own me and love me.

  5. hey
    just because you don't understand the difference between being trans and being a butch dyke, doesn't entitle you to words like 'disorder' to describe that which you do not understand and therefore cannot name. i cannot understand your desire to be a butch dyke anymore than you can understand my need to are coming off like a close minded right wing conservative. i am sorry for you if your experiences with trans guys has not been positive, but you do not make any intelligent arguments here rather you rant on with transphobic statements and assumptions.seems to me you're filled with fear,and maybe the ego is the part of male culture that you despise , but fear is deeply embedded in the ego, so i wonder, what exactly are you afraid of, and whose ego is more fragile(dangerous) ?

  6. also you used the phrase "ftm women"
    I would like to point out that phrase is a, not very respectful and b, not grammatically correct. The M stands for Male and there for you did not have noun adjective agreement. They DO NOT want to be women thats pretty much that whole point. You could have simply said "ftm people" or just "ftms" or even "those that are ftm". Your blog was appreciated and you make a fine point.

  7. That was pretty rough to read. There was a lot of displaced anger towards an entire group based on some interactions with some uninformed and confused people. Lately I have had the conversation about young butches getting confused about their gender identity. There are no teams in the complex world of gender and sexuality. I believe in masculine women although I am not one and do not relate personally. All through history there have been masculine women, femme women, transmen, transwomen, biologicals and everything in between. I'd say rather than divide marginalized communities even more than society does, reinforce to your ftm "friends" that you are in fact a butch woman and are interested in other women only. (May I also note that not all butch women are lesbians). By being yourself and a good example you can show others that there are many stops along the gender line. By calling ftms "women" or saying they are more likely to have been "pounded by men" is ignorant and cruel. Gender and sexuality are complex and unrelated. An ftm could be gay straight or bi, just the same as a butch women can be gay, straight or bi. Your uninformed theories don't make me want to listen to any of your valid points mixed in, which is sad because you do have some valid points that I agree with that I mentioned above.
    Thanks and Good Luck,
    A feminist bisexual ftm.