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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Females of Men aka ftM's

The radical french lesbian feminist Monique Wittig labeled hetero women "the females of men". This phrase having a recent occasion to cross my mind, it occurred to me in thinking about the phase a step further, that this description "the females of men" is the absolute most accurate (all things considered) phrase to describe women who "transition" aka female-to-Males. While I am not a Wittig scholar I do believe never the less, she would whole heartily agree given the anti-feminist, proof positive misogyny that underlines all women who "transition".

Wittig's application of the phrase toward hetero women was because of the full power, possession, control and dominance hetero women have allowed men to have over their lives both public and private. Given all that, its pretty simple to see how Wittig concluded hetero women "the females of men". But I feel at this juncture in HIStory Wittig's phrase post queer theory much better applies to ftM's. I say this because as accurate a description as it may be for hetero women regarding their power (lack thereof) and lowly place among men, there is a certain level of participation implied that much better suits women who "transition" as being the "females of men".

While hetero women are clearly products of the systematic misogyny used by patriarchy which keeps them corralled, as well as for all the subjugating and recreating themselves in images pleasing to the male gaze, hetero women still remain the "women of men"!!! Regardless of their sexuality or how they have arrived at "trans identitys" door, women who "transition" on an unimaginable scale not only are identifying with their oppressors (men) they "transition" and then become the oppressors of women themselves!!!!!! Through the "transition" process (mind/body altering drugs and body mutilations) these females undo themselves from being women. But because they cannot undo themselves from being female, they become in every sense "the females of men".


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