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Friday, August 7, 2009

A Butch's first time

I cannot for the life of me pin point where my Butch need and my Butch desire cross, I only know that they met when we met. They intersect at your smile, your hand on the back of my close shaved head, your hand in my hand, my eyes on your cleavage, my hand on your breast, your breath on my neck, your mouth hard against my mouth, my mouth around your nipple, your mouth on my clit, all in some crazy zigzag that takes us both from one end of town to the other. It quickly becomes apparent as I cruise the smooths of your body, I have all green lights. You know before our first date my body is riddled with yellows, reds and some greens. And I worry about this. I remind myself again and again before we first make love that you are a Femme lesbian and you desire me because I am a Butch woman, not because I am not a man.

We have an "official" date, dinner. Instead of the casual dates of coffee, lunch or phone conversations where we began getting to know each other. You dress conservative but sexy, and with a just hint of what is underneath your silk blouse. I struggle to look you in the eye and keep looking you in the eye as you talk to me. I desperately want to look at your cleavage. I cant recall one word of the convo we had because I am arguing with my self in my head. Look, don't look, look, don't look. I glance around the room, then glance at your breast. Not slyly enough as you catch me and smile. That smile instantly lights an inferno in my pants. For about ten seconds the only thing that exists is my clit. Still smiling you ask if I like what I've ordered and the sound of your voice awakens my brain blowing a coolness across my crotch till my brain reassert control.

After dinner we go back to my house where you're spending the weekend with me. I show you around then sit on the couch. You get a drink of water from the kitchen then come into the living room where I'm at. Without saying anything you climb onto my lap and straddle me with your knees. I sit up from my former slouched position and pull you with both hands into me more and we start kissing. Really heavy, really deep, really fast. I pull you up a little so you're more on your knees than resting on my lap. As I do this I slide my right hand down your ass and between your legs from behind till my finger tips reach your vagina. While I cant feel your wetness I can feel your heat through your panties and slacks. You start moaning in my mouth as I touch you. I scoot to the edge of the couch with you still on my lap. You wrap your legs around me, I stand up and carry you to my bed. I kiss you as I lay you on my bed then tell you I'll be right back.

We both know why I exit the room, neither of us are Femme/Butch novices. I return less than two minutes later and notice what looks to be all your clothes on a chair next to my bed. Myself, I have on only a T shirt, my boxers and the reason I left the room to begin with. You pull the covers back and I get into bed with you. I immediately slide next to you and realize you are naked except for your panties. You pull me sorta but not quite on top of you and we start kissing again. I alternate between kissing your lips, your neck and your throat. I'm already a little in love with you, so before this started I had every intention of making love to you and with you. But while kissing you, I maneuver myself between your legs with my legs so I'm directly on top of you now. You have your arm around my back and lightly start sliding them up and down my back under my T shirt as we're making out. My crotch is in charge again, and making love quickly finds itself thrown somewhere atop your pile of clothes. I'll retrieve it later, when we're finished, wrapping us both in it as we sleep. Right now I just wanna fuck you. I need to fuck you. It takes all my will power not to. Still kissing you I gently place my right hand on your left breast. I need this too. I have this insane desire to feel your nipple in the exact center of my palm. There is this certain spot in the center of my palm's universe that must collide with your nipple. Between this and your silk hands caressing my back I fleetingly wonder if my hands are too rough. I warned you before we met, I have terribly rough hands, rough enough to snag clothes. By the way both you and your nipple react you don't seem at all troubled.

I reach one hand over my shoulder and pull my T shirt off. I then slide down your body till my mouth finds your right nipple, then touch your other breast with my left hand. You breasts feel softer than cupped wind. You grind your pelvis into my stomach as I suck your nipples, I slide back up and off you while kissing you hard. I tell you to take off your panties, you do. I go back to your breast, I suck one of your nipples while I slide my hand down to your pussy. No need to mine for your wetness, it is everywhere. You slide into my fingers before they travel the short distance from your clit to their rightful place: inside you. Your body tries them on, two of them anyways. The quickening of your breath and the movement of your hips tell me you like the fit. I like the fit too, you look magnificent on my hand. The ring of you engages my fingers, and I think to myself I could wear you into the world. You look dazzling on me and feel even better! I know instantly and intimately that Queens of whole countries past have never worn a ring so spectacular in all your pricelessness! We wear each other a little longer, you my fingers, my fingers you.

I withdraw my hand from you. I cannot contain my need to fuck you any longer. And it is a need, this motion. A physical need my body perhaps has always known, it for sure knew it before I did. I suspect somewhere between the corridors of this need lies some of the reasons you desire me as a Butch. But in this second I have no time to contemplate those reasons. I pull my shorts off, placing them within my reach for when we're through. I'm strapped and begin putting my body's need into its desired action. With you still on your back I position myself on my knees in front of you. I take my Butch cock and move it to the opening of you, using you to get it wet I slide some of your wetness to your clit. Circling your clit you arch your back just a little. I move back down and slide inside of you. I start fucking you very slowly, but soon quicken my pace. You pull me off my knees on top of you.

I kiss you then prop my upper body on my triceps to have better control of the fuck. You caress my triceps while we're fucking. I can tell by how lost you are you're going to cum soon. I pick the pace up more and with harder movements, as soon as I do this you cum. I stop fucking you and just lay on top of you kissing. You come back to me from whenever your body took you. I get off you and back to my knees and slowly take my Butch cock out of you. I tell you to get on your knees. You do. Now I'm going to fuck you the way I wanted to fuck you since we first met. You reach between your legs and guide my Butch cock into you. No beginning slow this time. I just start fucking you. Really hard and really fast. I slow down enough to smack your ass. You're really voicing your pleasure now. You cum again, but I don't stop.

I then hear my own voice. My sound comes from my crotch up through my guts and out of my throat every time I thrust into you now. You know I'm going to cum and you say "lets stop". I ask if you're sure. You say "yes, I wanna make love to you". You know from previous conversations I'm a one trick pony. If I cum, I'm done. So while I don't wanna stop, I stop for you. Part of me wanted you to let me cum that way, so this next part doesn't have to happen. Any first time is hard, but first times for Butches can be nightmares. All the insecurities we feel as Butch women, we can mask with the right shirt, the right jeans, boxers or shoes, much more difficult to do nearly naked. In time this wont be a problem, in time I'll even shower with you and desire to every morning we're together. And not because I want to have sex, but because I feel that comfortable, that we feel that comfortable together, plus I get to spend a little more time with you before going off to work.

But right now I feel naked, as naked as I nearly am. I unstrap and put my boxers back on. I lay back down and you lay next to me. You are still totally naked and I feel your wetness on my leg as you lay on your side with one leg over mine. As you place a hand on the middle of the top of my chest I tell myself "she is a lesbian as am I, she wants and needs what I want and need". And you deserve this, if any women who has ever walked this earth deserved another woman's body more it is you, it is Femmes. For every god damn leer some male believed he was fucking entitled to violate your body with, for every straight fucking assumption matching those appalling leers, in this moment I'm given the chance to let you erase all the bullshit you put up with from the outside world and let the fruition of your lesbian nature bloom. And I do.

The hand you have on my chest slides down between my breast, you look up into my eyes and smile, acknowledging I wasn't joking about the patch of hair there. You run your fingers lightly through it, up and down. We start kissing again, which helps halt my thinking and reawakens my clit. You move your mouth away from my mouth down to my nipple, you start by just tracing it with your tongue, but you cannot contain your own Femme desire and start sucking one nipple while caressing the other. By the intent with which you're sucking I suddenly feel the need to comfort you. I wrap both my arms around you and kiss the top of your head.

You then move your body down the ladder of my body rung by rung until your face is aligned with my crotch. I pet your head, you pull down my boxers enough to prove your lesbian desire. You slide your tongue between the crease of my crotch. I push myself into your tongue and you softly start sucking my clit. You then begin both licking and sucking my clit and suddenly the sun has fallen from the sky and landed on my crotch burning it alive. The heat generating between your tongue and my clit is astounding! I get scared for a second because I feel like my clit is so full of blood and fire its going to either burst or blaze. But before I think too much I cum with a violence that rips through my whole body.

You kiss the top of my crotch and lay the side of your face there. After a few minutes when I'm able to catch my breath I pet your head some more. You pull my shorts back up and kiss my shorts where my crotch is, then move up next to me resting your head on my shoulder. The love that was tossed onto your pile of clothes earlier is back clothing us both as we fall asleep.



  1. That's hot! Are you single? ;-)

  2. I loved reading that. It was not only hot, but beautiful too. Thank you!

  3. so hot--thank you for sharing.


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