Sunday, July 26, 2009

Top Surgery and SRS and whose really crazy

Here are some random pics of women who have had "top surgery" and some men who have had SRS. One could easily look at these and think who in their right mind would not only do this to themselves BUT pay for it to be done!

But thats just it folks, these lost mentally ill souls didn't do this to themselves. Not entirely anyways. People we trust with our lives and the lives of our loves ones when hurt or sick or dying and at our most vulnerable did this to these people. Doctors, psychiatrists, psychologist and a whole slew of others in the medical community committed these crimes. And they are crimes, only no one is being held accountable because it affects only a small portion of people. Fringe people who are being butchered and mutilated for profit and conformity.

I guarantee you if this was happening to middle class white mothers of 3 or smokin hot 22 year old babes with large breasts there would be hell to pay! This would have been Obama's first cause of action as President regardless of our country's serious economic issues. Any medical professional who played any role would have thousands of picketers outside their offices/hospitals. Most would be sued for malpractice and lose their license. Task forces would be set up to create a healthy therapeutic course of action ASAP until more thorough treatment could be established.

But is the Butch lesbian confused with her identity because she exist nowhere, or the homosexual man so infused with homophobia himself, the young woman drowning in prescribed women's roles or the straight guy with a misdirected sexual arousal to women's clothes any less important than you or I that they should continue being mistreated by a profiteering patriarchal medical establishment? I say no and so should you!

Stop the butchery!


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  1. Oh, my god, Dirt. Please write another post so that this CARNAGE isn't the first thing we poor souls see when we come to check in on you :)

    You are absolutely right that cosmetic total double mastectomies wouldn't be seen as "treatment" for a god damn thing if it were so-called "hot" women seeking it out. It's only because the women being pressured into it were never considered "fuckable" by patriarchal standards that this trend is allowed to continue. Thanks for this.


  2. HI,
    Middle class white mothers of three are still butchered by the medical fraternity. They are very vulnerable to unecessary medical intervention on their genitals in a patriarchy. Unecessary episiotomy (where "doctors" cut the perinium for no reason at all, leading to third degree tears and incontinence) is one example.
    The only reason it might be more of an issue because these women are generally "owned" by a man, who doesn't want *his* property violated by another man in some way.