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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mtf (Trans Males) and Violence

I think since I am seeing more post like these with greater regularity I'm going to begin making a concerted effort to cap and post them just to illustrate how little some faux 'mones, a crap wig and some cosmetic body mod. make in altering the male propensity for violence.

I'll refrain from going into and going off about the gross misogyny, sexism and male plastic gazed idea of women Mr. Mtf (clearly an autogynephile) typifies in his post and instead say a few words about male power over women's bodies and the male violence used to achieve that power and control.

There is an interesting unchallenged, unchanging pedestrianism to the misogyny that occurs while simultaneously exemplifying one of the greatest differences between (and I'm speaking majority here) women who "transition" and men who "transition". Women seek "transition" not as a means of gaining power over the male body, not as a means of raping the male body, nor as a means of violence against the male body. Women who "transition" utilize the male form as a means of covering up/hiding their female form. This is where their misogyny (pathological though it may be) is in unison with all women's internalized misogyny.

Men who "transition" seek power and control over the female body by believing through "transition" they can own this form as their very own. Possess the female body on a level that most men have never dreamed! Even for all the pain and discomfort that takes place while they "dilate" their penis-vag is its own form of them raping they're man-made female idea. This isnt merely about the cheap thrills Mtf men gain from occupying women's spaces. I'm speaking about the violence Mtf men have gleaned through pathological patriarchal norms regarding women and how they apply that violence to their own cosmetically created (think god here) female form as a way of acting out the violence they truly feel for women. And in turn the violence they are willing to dish out through verbal means, character assaults or physical violence as indicated in this Mtf man's post here when one doesnt buy into their delusion.

MALE-to-female "transitioning" is is the same old patriarchal violence against women accept packaged in an ugly dress and size 14 shoes!




  1. Since when do most "real" girls slap men in the face?
    My thought: Too many Harlequin Romance novels and not enough time reading up on violence against women. Women deal with assaultive behavior by men all day long and slapping men, for most women, is a dangerous and ill-considered option. Talk about fantasy.

  2. Oh geezus! Thanks for these posts, Dirt. The rhetoric is not the reality and I think you have nailed this, yet again. I have a real problem with M2F obsession with the superficiality and stereotyping of their performance of "woman". The more I read, the more I am stunned that woman as bad fashion statement/T&A that is so blatantly the goal of M2f, has gained any credibility at all.

    Woman as over worked, over weight, bedraggled, child-laden and poor - which is certainly many, many women's reality - and real victims of patriarchy, are denigrated just for their appearance and "war wounds". Where are the M2f honouring these hard working women. They don't! Real women's lives are just used as points of comparison - the "ugly" side, as if glamour is what it's all about. Oh yes - being a woman is all about glamour - and that is as far as they see it.

  3. Apparently you see everything as an attack against your poor little sensibilities. You seem like a closeted FtM, to me, you want to be special and apart from them and are clouded by your own misnomers about transpeople. Get out and meet people, because with the attitude you're having, I wouldn't be surprised if straight transmen were stealing all the femmes from you.

  4. Gasp,

    Nature is not the enemy, nature has yet to ever steer anyone wrong. She is always true, from the green grass that grows beneath your feet, to sun in the sky above bringing you warmth. The cannot be said of the Dr. Frankensteins.



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