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Friday, July 17, 2009

FTM-Putting the M back in Misogyny

Since both of these caps couldn't be any more misogynistic you get a two for one dirt special today! I know you're excited as I am, am I right!

I'm really not sure which I find more sad. The first cap from an ftM woman
advocating male presence in a womens only pharmacy or the other cap by a young ftM woman over joyed she can begin her quest to obliterate herself as a woman and the misogynistic medical establishment aiding her in her quest to do so!

"Transition" clearly is the greatest invention in patriarchy's arsenal to destroy women! On one hand we have men "transitioning" so they can freely rape their self created plastic image of women in hotel rooms all over the world by utilizing their mutilated bodies, then posting them all over the internet as proof of their good misogynistic deeds to the patriarchal gods and on the other hand we have women so chock full of misery and self hatred they're "transitioning" not as much because they truly desire to be men, but because they are so completely revolted and disgusted with being women!

Trannyism is the consumerism of misogyny stamp approved by patriarchy. At no other time in this country's history are women more despised and vulnerable than now. If a new radical feminism doesn't emerge soon, what we know as woman will become a faint memory.



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  1. Thank you for speaking out for us true women. I sympathise for the plight of those born as genetic intersex people, and on some levels I feel compassion for transgendered people. But while feeling compassion, I also feel that there are some boundaries which we absolutely MUST defend for true women. I am a straight Mother of four, but I truly appreciate the voices of Lesbian women speaking out. You take an important position of defense towards all women and your strength and intelligence set a good example of what true Femininity is. You say very well and very forcefully what I want to be said for me.
    Thank you.


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