Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Clearing up ftM Misunderstandings

From a comment on one of my youtubes.

By there very natures, disorders do not have a "point". They have reasons for the hows and whys one acquires them, but "points" they do not have.

Their bodies do not "fit" their minds, precisely because their minds are disordered. Drug and mutilate the problem (the mind) the problem remains. Treat the unhealthy mind, harmony.

Mtf men develop the trans disorder through misogyny, homophobia and male privilege.

I see patriarchy as oppressive (which it is), and all men do their parts big and small to participate, perpetuate and strengthen patriarchal systems.

You cannot "feel" male if you're are not male. You may riddle your body with T till the cows come home, but if you're a woman, "feeling" male is something you will never know any more than you'll know how a tree "feels".

You cannot be "ftM" without suffering from internalized misogyny and then externalizing it onto your own female body. And if one despises ones self as a female to the point of actively working to obliterate what one perceives as female, one can NEVER truly love another female, hence perpetuating misogyny.

And there are no "true ftM" women. ftMism is a mental disorder, not something one is born being.

Hope that clears YOUR "misunderstandings" as they were abundant. No need to thank me though, I'm here for anyone who needs me.


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