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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Butch women equals Male, How Original!

From an unpublished comment made here yesterday by a 21 y/o girl.

Butches are men because they "look" like men and therefore cannot be WOW! Did you think that one up all by yourself or did you revert to the same old tired shit spouted by white straight middle class "feminist" from 45 years ago used to dismiss Butch women from the movement? I'm curious, do tell...

Butch women LOOK like butch women BECAUSE we're Butch women. We do not "attempt" to look "tough", thats your hetero patriarchal goggles at work, similar to those rose coloured one's you're wearing underneath, only worse. Butch women are the greatest threat to patriarchy, but I wouldnt expect a girl like yourself whose lips seem securely and tightly wrapped around patriarchays stale cock to understand that.

It is no coincidence that Butch women remain invisible, invisible to each other and invisible to other women. Our very nature is irrefutably more radical than any feminist movement that has ever existed and in all likelihood will ever exist. Our mere existence is an affront to patriarchy and its misogynistic tactics used to control women and girls like yourself. Our natures cannot be subsumed within the "feminine" construct, anymore than can our natures be consumed by the "masculine" construct. Butch women truly are the ONLY women born cage free, and of only a small number of women who lives continue prospering despite the patriarchal difficulties sans cage.

Now if that isnt seditious my dear, nothing is!




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