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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Would you like some cheeze with than tranny whine?

Let me answer the ftM woman's question before I get into this post where she asks "what should I do"? What you should do missy is wake the fuck up and smell reality's rose and stop being a puppet of the patriarchy for starters! Just because "the man" is sporting an ill fitted dress and an equally ill fitted ugly pair of faux tits and you're sporting a crap ass goatee a 12 y/o boy could grow with one testicle as well as hiding your pussy underneath a sweaty, smelly "soft packer" doesn't change the established gender roles/patterns patriarchy has prescribed and which YOU are still living, breathing and perpetuating regardless of which section of the store you shop for your clothes!

Now to the post in general, umm is there no vestige of women's space that isn't being plundered and/or demanded access to by men and men wanna-bees???? Now we have Mtf Men utilizing ftM women to do their bidding (like that's a new one right!) because a woman's only event (drag kinging) does not permit men to participate. Duh! Can someone please call the wahmbulance? I cant cuz I'm too busy laughing too hard!

If you are not familiar with what a drag king show is, its where a group of women (real women, not those disordered men who've pretzeled their cocks into something that no longer resembles anything human) use dress and make-up to perform an idea of "male" to an audience. Usually for a good cause, sometimes for fun, and no not all the performers are Butch, in fact the majority are not Butch, remember this is about performing, not being. Besides, Butch women are not MEN!

What we have here is a dude (autogynephile) who has tried to trannify himself into the male gazed idea of "woman", who then wants to perform his real sex (male) while calling himself a chick. First of all its not like he can actually depart from his "real" sex, so what exactly is he performing? Victor/Victoria/Victor?

But seriously wft is next, Mtf men demanding access to our fucking menstrual huts??? Maybe not, wouldnt be enough room between proud women and all the disordered ftM women misognynist who continue to claim womens spaces all the while hating themselves as women which in turn reflects their contempt for all women. But given how ftM women subjugate themselves to Mtf men, I'm sure they'd manage to make room.

Go Patrirachy!

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