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Friday, June 19, 2009

The Rosenbergs-Remembering those Commie Jew Bastards!

The Rosenbergs were executed by our government on this day June 19th 1953.

The quote in the picture (left) begins Sylvia Plath's novel The Bell Jar, which I didn't read until I was 19. I was reasonably acquainted with the Rosenbergs long before that though.

There are certain historical instances that my mind groups together in its rememberings from my youthful thoughts, the Rosenberg trial/execution, The Hindenburg tragedy and the Lindbergh baby kidnapping/Hauptmann execution. I rarely think about one without thinking about the others. But since it is the anniversary of Julius and Ethel's murders by the US government, I'll focus my thoughts on them only.

It wasn't until I read The Bell Jar that I sought out and read the transcripts to the Rosenbergs trial. Judge Kaufman addressed the jury in such a manner that for them not to have found the Rosenbergs guilty regardless of the evidence(or lack thereof as was the case) would have been "unamerican".

What disturbed me then, disturbs me know regarding this case. Not the case exactly but the blind ignorance of people (the general public) this case exemplified. I think no one summed the situation up better than Plath did in the Bell Jar when after the Rosenbergs are brought up in convo among a group of girls in the novel, Plath has a minor character willy-nilly say "I'm so glad they're going to die"!

I cannot tell you how many many times I have heard similar ignorance spouted from people in the grocery lines, walking through a store or a mall, buying stamps at the post office or coming from the next stall while talking a public piss. I'm so glad they're going to die. When did people stop fucking thinking? Stop questioning? Stop caring? Stop accepting every ladle of info fed to them by their father or mother, their priest, rabbi or pastor, their schools, their jobs, their governments?? I'm so glad they're going to die...
Now granted you can say to me "okay dirt, but what about Venona"?? Okay, what about it? While the Venona Project implicated Julius in minor espionage, that did not come to light until the mid 90's! And NOTHING has EVER came to light proving Ethel had any knowledge or doings involving espionage. There are FAR too many involved in this case who did a hell of lot more than Julius (including Ethel's brother who is living and breathing as I write this) who weren't sentenced to death. The Rosenbergs were murdered because of the above quote and lets not kid ourselves here, because they were Jews! Oh yeah dirt that's right they didn't like Jews in the 50's...Unlike now where anti-Semites just waltz into Holocaust Memorial Centers and gun down the innocent, no Antisemitism there!

And if you're wondering how an innocent mother of 2 could be executed by our government, she failed to be the kinda wife and sister that didn't exist in the 50's and doesn't exist today. The kind of wife who has the authority and power under patriarchy and misogyny to change or control what the men in her life were doing or not doing. Sexism and misogyny as much as her Jewishness killed Ethel Rosenberg. But she was a mother, a good, loving mother, and mothers don't die so easily. My gut tells me it is because of her mother's love that it took her being electrocuted not once, not twice even, but THREE fucking times before she finally consented to death with her hair in flames, thereby leaving her sons forever.


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