Friday, June 12, 2009

Mtf man sings the Praises of Dirt

Fair use capped.

Given the severity of the trans disorder I suppose I should be flattered an autogynephile momentarily turned his male gaze from his own reflection towards me. But if he is any kind of REAL "woman" he'll sell that cum-rag that has my name on it on ebay and donate the money to the woman's shelter nearest him.

But sadly autogynephiles do not care about the women who exist outside the ones they create in their mirrors for the sole purpose of creating cum stains. On the positive side this could be a whole new set of workshops for Michfest! Workshops like: What rags make the best cum-rags-What does your come stain say about your future-How to make a cum-rag out of everyday products...Yeah good times...


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