Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Michfest and the great Butch Hope

This cap is from an unreleased comment made by a regular of the Michfest forums/fests. She has made no bones about her numerously obsessive complaints regarding me to Michfest authorities both through snail mail and on the forum.

Fine. I am now banned from there. My woman's voice hushed to make room for the ample voice of patriarchy. It sickens me, yes. But I can accept that, its nothing new. When have women not been silenced in the face of patriarchy, especially by other women? Thats the craftiness of misogyny, women hating women who hate patriarchy, women silencing women who to dare to speak against it and all the while hating themselves. Its the perfect system to ensure patriarchy remains ruling supreme and ensuring women remain active in their own effacement/destruction. The latter being one of the little shits and giggles patriarchy snickers about as women service their sorry cocks while on bended knee.

But what I cannot and will not except is being silenced in my own sweet patriarchally free space! Michfest is clearly no longer a man free zone, if in doubt feel free to attend the "trans" workshop given by an ftM wo-MAN this year. But THIS space IS and will remain a tranny free man free no fly zone! The women of Michfest wanted me gone, and so I'm gone. But that wasn't and isn't enough, I'm still speaking, still being heard and that makes me the most frightening thing on the fucking planet, a Butch woman with a voice and a brain to use it! All the fucking einsteins, oppenheimers, fermis and the like cannot amass a device equaling the shear raw power and potential for multitudinous destruction's than a vocal Butch woman!

Every man-made idea, law, rule, decree, edict, fiat, formula or recipe, WE Butch women defy by our very nature! A nature born of woman, for women in natural opposition to patriarchy, in natural defiance TO patriarchy! Just when patriarchy believed all his bases were covered, the cage he crafted so well for women taking him centuries to build bar by bar through rapes, torments, murders, mutilations, threats, abuses, tortures and intimidation's he's over looked just one: the Butch woman! Unlike other women, we do not have to consciously refuse his cage, we were never born into it! And no amount of plying, stretching or reconfiguring that cage is going to make it accommodate us!

Butch women defy patriarchy! Butch women are CAGE FREE!

So dear "bunny" if you're reading this, and I KNOW you are, you have seen the future and she is ME!

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