Friday, May 22, 2009

Mtf man ignorantly believes hookers have it made!

Spoken like a true MAN! This is the surface thinking/observing of women that the male privileged among us do. He as a man does not have to think of what takes place before the money exchange or after. And because he is a man, he doesnt have to. He feels comfortable within patriarchy because he is one of them despite calling himself a "woman". Which also has everything to do with his male privilege and place among men as well.

Like most men, he tells himself prostitution is a "woman's choice", she wouldn't do it if she didn't want to. As a man he doesn't think whats beyond the sex or the money. The same money most prostitutes never hang onto for long, because most of that money goes onto some man or other.

This man's misogyny leads him to actually think if prostitution is done "right" its okay! WHA??? There isnt anything in this world that could be done "right" enough in prostitution to give these girls/women back what they have/will ultimately lose. Even if they were to keep every dollar made, they will never have the ability to buy back their loss of self, buy back the reality that they are more than the sum of a few warm holes for a pigs pleasure, buy back or buy period their true worth a worth that is impossible to sum up in patriarchal dollars and cents.

Patriarchy constructed the grounds for the growth of prostitution and patriarchy carefully tends its gardens. And whats harvested from those gardens is strictly for male consumption only. Women do not "choose" to be planted, grown and harvested for mens tastes, but through centuries of careful construction patriarchy has conveniently created a landscape where little other "choice" for some women exist. With the exception of lesbians all women a little more or a little less are prostitutes. Some are conditioned through hetero-patriarchy to sell themselves on street corners, some sell themselves in penthouses or better yet most sell themselves with a state/church stamp approved certificate of marriage, but its always women being sold to men in exchange for sex.

The same patriarchal constructs that created prostitution have also created the circumstance for which this Mtf male desires to "be" a "woman", and both his failure to fully comprehend both are precisely why he'll never be woman.


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