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Sunday, May 24, 2009

ftM women-the new feminism?

Posts like these from heterosexual women are becoming more and more commonplace in ftM communities all across the net as women's roles, options and expectations swiftly careen backward to the days of Freud's Penis Envy.

This woman's struggles has little to do with GID and EVERYTHING to do with having equal footing with men, especially in her relationships with men. Something feminism even in its hey-day failed to confront. You cannot fight the enemy for a fair shake at work then later go home and wash his shit streaked undies.

One can only wonder what great flood of bored, fettered 50's housewives would have trannified had TGism then had the exposure/acceptability it does today. A feminist movement likely would never have happened as TGism would have been the solution to women's restricted roles/lives. It surelywould have put a queer spin on those "I Love *Lenny*" reruns to say the least!

Given the patterns we know of men historically for the last few THOUSAND years, I feel comfortable saying there has never existed a time where women have ever been anything other than some sort of means, to some sort of ends for men. And I say this having had some men in my life and having some men in my life now that I love with all my heart, but I am not blinded by my feelings not to see that each of these men on some level were/are misogynist and perpetuate misogyny. Does this make them bad guys? No, it makes them part of a system that is bad, but one that works beautifully to their advantage, one they'd be stupid to want to change. And one that women are so entrenched in, they cannot see a need to change it. Women have been brainwashed into thinking THEY'RE the problem, NOT the patriarchal system that is drowning them.

And women today are more submerged than ever, submerged in objectification the likes that has never been seen before! Oh sure, women have always been objectified by men, certainly. But technologically speaking, men have NEVER had the capacities they do now to objectify women. And through these objectification advances what slim gains women made through feminism, have not only been lost but FULLY erased! You cannot flip on your Ipod and listen to a song, watch a video, a commercial, your favorite Hanna Montana episode without women NOT being reduced to a few warm holes, holes to be filled by MEN!

What we women need now more than ever is a new feminism, a fierce feminism a radical feminism that confronts the enemy face to face, that rips, and shreds and tears away at his women-as-fuck-toy system until there is nothing left of it! But when disorder becomes legitimate option what chance do we women have of that ever happening now???




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  2. I have a hard time imagining that straight women would go to all the trouble of transitioning just to get privilege. It seems like too much effort.

  3. Yeah, insane, would be like some crazy black person bleaching their skin, whose ever heard of anything so crazy!


  4. Why do you care what I care?



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