Thursday, May 28, 2009

FTM's "therapist" complete idiot

This is simply frightening, but sadly the reality of the current hetero-patriarchal male-centric mentality queer theorizing the female/male landscape.

Clearly this woman's shrink license should be revoked! Hers and any persons like her practicing murdering women and men into pretty little conforming patriarchal constructs! Girls do "girl" things and boys do "boy" things and if girls do "boy" things that means they're REALLY a boy and if boys do "girl" things, that means they're REALLY a girl! In what sick fucking demented world???? If you're female EVERYTHING you do is FEMALE, how can it logically be other wise?

Yanno I bet I can tell you nearly word for word what this woman's first session with miss idiot shrink went like:

idiot shrink: what sort of toys did you play with as a child?
GID woman: oh I ONLY played with BOY toys!
idiot shrink: how did you like to dress growing up?
GID woman: I only liked BOY clothes, if I was made to wear GIRL clothes I felt sick inside.
idiot shrink: who were your friends growing up?
GID woman: boys, mostly boys.
idiot shrink: what role do you take in your relationships?
GID woman: always the male role. I've always acted like the man in relationships, emotionally and sexually.
idiot shrink: sounds like you've mostly been living as a male your whole life....!!!!!!!

There is no doubt that would be the convo with every Butch this woman spoke to seeking "transition" or not! And most likely if a Butch went to this women to say work on some other issue, this idiot bitch would talk those Butches INTO "transitioning" or give it one hell of a try!!!

Miss idiot shrink is so fucking entrenched in her own hetero-patriarchal binary constructed mire, how in the fuck is SHE going to determine whats REALLY going on with this woman? Let alone how to properly chart a course for her recovery. Obviously she cant and isnt. Instead she's placing this woman on a course that will further her disorder, aid in the course of her being mutilated and placed on a lifetime of drugs of which no long term studies have been done!

It would be bad enough were she the only one, but its catastrophic when she's every one, and she nearly is! We laugh off Intelligent Design calling it "junk science", but when a male or female deviates ever so slightly from the pack, they are drugged and carved til they resemble the pack and that's called progress!

Fuck progress, fight instead for reality! Women and men are not Mengelian lab creations, we're definitive realities created in our mothers perfect wombs!

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  2. I dont recall discussing "chemical imbalance" or "someone is born attached to their twin" (which btw way danny is called conjoined), but thanks for your lack of coherent thought. I suspect thats the drugs at work on your poor confused brain.